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Assalamualaikum …

We are still in Austria. That morning we were getting ready to go to Vienna. Easy right if stay area hauptbahnhof..just walk jer to the train station. My sis chose the cheapest train ticket through the website..then we just went to the ticket counter to buy a ticket. And the price is the same as in the website. During travel to Europe, my sis always buys tickets before the trip..not like the trip this time..we buy the same day from one place to another.

I like to bring beans this time travel … make a stomach pad when hungry

See ?? so comfortable tau. Which is not the best..our coach has someone to bring in a dog. Not sure the direction we both..hahaha. The dog had to look at my sis sharply..again, she didn’t like him..hahaha. Finally, he reprimanded Minah Salleh who brought the dog as high as his waist..minah convinced my sis that his dog would not go anywhere. During the trip, the dog sat under his master’s desk.

The last moments of seeing the magical view of winter … when I think back, I like to see the view full of snow..only I don’t like cold winter is.

During the trip to Vienna, the view was mediocre. The closer I get to Vienna..the more snow there will be. With that ended our snowfall if half of our trip was snowy and the other half without snow..hehehe. But it’s still cold.

Vienna the many stations I tracked during this trip, Vienna Hauptbahnhof is the best. Clean, feel safe and there is a halal restaurant. The station I don’t like the most is the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof..wait for the story in the upcoming entries.

I really fell in love with this donut since eating at long as in Vienna, I feel like I can eat 2-3 pieces too … hahaha. Filling vanilla is also delicious … my favorite appricot. Gluppp

Let’s check in at A&O Hostel Vienna..not far from Vienna Hauptbahnhof..just 3-4 minutes.

Taraaa … here is our room for 1 night in Vienna. Overall ok this room is very … comfortable. Only 1 jer has been our curiosity until now. Why were we given a room far away from the elevator ?? Guess I don’t have a father … the room is full of people. Strange … strange. Oh yes..view from the window it looks like an apartment ..

The bathroom is clean..satisfied.

After that, relax and eat everything..we even started to explore Vienna. But both are lifeless jer..even though the distance traveled from Salzburg to Vienna is not wrong for me 2 hours so jer..but tired like traveling 4-5 hours..hahaha. That’s how it is for both of us … no stamina..hahaha

We headed to Vienna Hauptbahnhof..the first thing we did was buy a 24 hours day pass. Can be purchased at department stores in Vienna Haupbahnhof. Can ride any public transport. I already have a ticket … unfortunately I don’t know where to go..hahahah. Both people did not study much about Vienna … I have a few notes that I copied from the website. Copy jer but did not read hahaha. Time is a new plague to read like.

In the middle of walking down to the subway station, we were greeted by uncle and aunty chinese from Malaysia. People like us, do not know which stop station to go to attraction places … hahaha. I just happened to meet my compatriot..what else … just chat … hahaha. Dorang laki bini tu visit anak dorang kat UK. All the kids dorg work great..staypun near oversea all. Not only the European couple has explored..all countries in the US have also explored because their children stay in the US. That excited aunty told me … she is proud of her children.

The best when you get acquainted with dorang is, dorang share the order of dorang children to visit 1 palace in Vienna. Schönbrunn Palace is his name. Seriously dorg told us to go. So what else … I continue to share ideas with my sis to go that day as well. My sis looked at me with the aunty, she wanted to stop talking, she also gave the reason that we wanted to go to the cafe … hahaha. Seriously … I was shocked to talk to that aunty..the kinds of things she wants to tell..she’s not very good husband..usually jer. I have to like this kind of person who likes to listen to people’s stories and is good at responding + ve, again people want to tell stories … hahaha. My story he doesn’t even care..hahahaha. Separate us with the couple. We started the study route to Schönbrunn Palace. Easy jer.

Easy access to Schönbrunn Palace. Stop at the station called Schloss Schönbrunn Station … like a former building

Front of Schloss Schönbrunn Station

From the station, around 1km also has to walk

Gini apparently Schönbrunn Palace..palace in Germany also extends camgini

View gate to enter Schönbrunn Palace

Very long … does not fit the camera..hehehe

I was shocked to see this light

To the right of this palace, there is a park. It feels like in a cinderella story..hahaha. If the leaves are circular along this path, it is green … sure cun giler.

View from the park

Statute adorning the open space at the back of the palace.

Considering the two people are kind of tired jer … we decided to go back to the hostel. Time near Vienna Hauptbahnhof..we round the station. There are many places to eat that are suitable for us to eat. Of the many foods we can eat … my sis hepi giler seems to have Nordsee. So that night we had dinner wrapped and sandwiches.

Fish sandwich and seafood wraped.

Wait for the next entry … I want to share my experience of breakfast at the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been to and also the great buildings around Vienna. Are we satisfied with being in Vienna just one night ??? Wait for the next entry for the answer..hehehe.

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