Travel and Food: Chu Chi Tunnels (Vietnam)

Assalamualaikum …

Let’s go back to the next entry about Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Anne’s friendly nature made us interested in joining Chu Chi Tunnels Tour. At first we only used Anne’s service for the cruise. If you see Anne is very good, we continue to book to go Chu Chi Tunnels. I am very interested when Anne’s agency is not a Muslim. But I don’t think Anne is a Muslim. We want to try a tour with a Muslim travel agent.

Early in the morning after breakfast, we continued on to Anne’s office. There is a mini bus ready waiting for us. Although we were the last people to go up, luckily the front seats were not occupied. When the school time is very shocking, I sit in the back because later the teacher will not see what I am doing … hahahaha .. when I travel I prefer the front to see the view from the front Hehehehe.

In the mini-bus there is one group that Malay women in the jugak is 4-5 and one Australian family. Just because we were sitting, this group of hakak-hakak had a riot among them. Speak loudly echoing one bus. They are right behind our seat. At that time, we started to lose weight. The Brunei family of about 6-7 people spoke slowly.

Our tour guide is a Vietnamese mamat. When he gave an explanation..the gang of rights was busy trying to interrupt and laugh. The atmosphere in the bus was not the best. Not enough from that …. enjoy talking obscene to each other. My ears are ringing. I want to sleep but I can’t because the noise of the dorang overcomes everything. Nak sound pulak takut sebab dorang ramai..nampak macam kasar..tak pasal-pasal kena ganyang pulak..hahahahaha. Sometimes we think..this person is not ashamed of us and 1 Brunei family that has 2-3 men. If the driver and tour guide maybe don’t understand what these rights say. But … the Bruneians must understand.

We stopped at a very large souvenir shop. I was really impressed to see the Vietnamese artwork. There is a ceramic vase as high as mine … isk isk isk. There are many beautiful items that can be used as jewelry in the house. The price is expensive !!!

This is the model who became the product2 ambassador here … hehehehe. I want to be as slim as a vase la la uolss … hehehe

If there is a bungalow, these vases are suitable as decoration.

This vase if it fits people..hahahaha

We continued our annoying journey to Chu Chi Tunnel. A bit far is also a trip there. We seemed to enter the village area. It is far nun into the forest. Yelahhh..anything tunnel right. In other words..tunnel used to hide. Let me tell you a little story about this tunnel. Before World War II, US troops came to attack Vietnam. For safety, the Vietnamese built an underground tunnel. The tunnels built are indeed uncomfortable. What can be done..want to survive, I have to sit in narrow and dark tunnels.

This is the route that visitors will take. If it rains sure rickshaw. The situation here seems to have maintained its condition for a long time.

Such a shed is provided for us to watch a video about the stories that took place during the war in Vietnam

Entrance fee is already included in the package. The place we will visit is not a theme park to have fun. We will walk on the tunnel below which is full of empty space. The ground we stepped on was well-mixed with the bones of the corpses of soldiers as well as ordinary people. It is said that 10,000 people died in this place. No view can be considered beautiful. Around us were only green trees and also towering bamboo trees. Mosquitoes become friends. Hot to be a friend, Nothing comforts us here.

Workers in Chu Chi Tunnel

People are very crowded. Demo of how the Vietnamese army hid in a small hole in the show. Torture apparently. Space that can only sit squatting body-loading. Sometimes people sit in there for days for the purpose of observing. He will be the first to give a warning if there are unwanted visitors.

Can you imagine how dorang can live in the ground ??

Our tour guide ..

I’m also scared of time there. Yelahh … many people died in that area. Arguably a grave without a mark. Sorry to come there … hahahaha. Ohh yeah … about those rights. Suddenly I screamed when I saw something on the tree..everyone also looked..what was it until the scream came out of my throat Hekkkelehh … ulat beb !!! One of the Bruneians, look at that too..we both talked..remember the snake earlier..apparently caterpillars !!! Not only am I annoying those rights..everyone is the same. Ehh you joyah !!!

Replica of the Vietnamese army

We reached the area to eat boiled cassava. I like any cassava-based food. Then I faced this cassava plate … hahahahah. Once the rights are many right … wanting to face 1 plate is not enough. My sis pulled out our plate to take a little. Once the plate was taken by one of them without even thinking we wanted to eat. Without saying thank you to what to. Hakak … why is this behavior ?? The incident was witnessed by our tour guide and the Brunei family. I look at my sis..why is that right baby ?? Zila doesn’t want to eat. As my tears welled up … hahahaha. Indeed, I am very sad … I was exhausted at that time.

Our tour guide saw the incident..then he went into the kitchen and brought 2 more plates for us. Thank you is not enough for me to talk to him. He seems to understand very well. He sat with us while chit chat. I ate to my heart’s content. Other people come to eat to taste jer … hahahahaha. He just had to get out of the kitchen … it was so hot. Thank you.

Happy really can eat hot boiled sweet potatoes. Like in the village, my mother will mix grated coconut with salt and sugar to eat with cassava. Here, mashed fried beans mixed with chili powder, salt and sugar are used. Delicious too..other than others. The ones at the back are those rights.

In fact, visitors can feel the experience of entering the tunnel. But I’m scared even outside the tunnel..I want to go in again … it really isn’t … hahahaha. Not a tunnel can walk around yee … you have to bow down. I want to have a backache later..hahahhaa. Isk..a lot of laughter.

Everything is set..we also got on the bus. Thankfully those rights are tired kut. Pakat is silent in the bus. Hahahhaha. We are not back again ye. Stop by shopping … adoiii. The stopover made the rights excited.’s up to you. We were taken to a 3-storey bungalow. It looks like it is not even a Muslim house. But from the ground floor to the 3rd floor, everything is Muslimah clothes. It can be said that we were taken to the warehouse. The clothes there did not attract my attention at all. You can’t even get on the bus because the driver is locked. We were in front of the bungalow with the Brunei family. What shoppping is is the rights.

And ready to go shopping..mak aii..berplastic2 one hand. Fuhhh. And all the way to the hotel area..pot pet pot pet again. I feel like I want people to taste nutmeg. It doesn’t matter if you cover your ears … it also penetrates. Huarghhhhhh … scream in your heart jerlah..hahahaha …

Until HCM, continue to the Leaf restaurant. I was hungry at that time. Let’s see what order we have.

I don’t know how many times the vegetable soup we’s really delicious. The other side dish, if I’m not mistaken, is fried chicken with turmeric..I forgot hehehehe.

After eating, we went back to the room to relax. That day was our last day in Vietnam. Early in the morning we will leave for Malaysia. According to our estimates, there is no place for us to explore except the post office. After satisfied with the rest, we continued to take the cab to the post office.

This post office is a little unique. The architecture is architecture from France if I’m not mistaken.

The inside is beautiful. After I wrote a postcard for myself, we went out for a walk around the area.

Found this board by the’s kind of interesting.

In Vietnam, it is a sad experience. The people are rude, scams here and there, meet Malaysians with annoying behavior. Such an experience gives me the awareness to be aware of what is happening around me no matter when I travel or when my days are out. Unfortunately it does not smell. A little sleep will definitely cause unwanted things to happen. The current mobile phone is fun, I checked if it is not in the handbag. When in public, do not dare to take out a mobile phone. People who rushed from behind me also made me cuak. Even though a year has passed, the incident of a mobile phone being stolen from my hand I will never forget. Let it be a reminder for myself and also all readers.

Ok … my story in Vietnam is over. Thanks for following my story ye. For the next entry..I will share the story in 1 other place anyway. I just came home 2 days ago. I bought a picture first. Wait for the story ye … ok.

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