Travel and Food: China (Yangshuo)

Assalamualaikum …

I want to tell a little story before I go to China. The story is like this …. many of my opismates ask me where I want a long vacation. When you tell me about China … someone is surprised … again surprised when you know I do not use any tour service … hehehhe. According to my Chinese opismate..even people who go to China are not good at walking on their own..everyone uses a 100% tour agent. After experiencing in Thailand, a little bit convinced me and my sis to survive especially in Yangshuo. Best pulak when back in the office, many Chinese opismates want to hear my quote..hehehe

Okok …. continued citer day 2 in Yangshuo. After we returned from Xingping, it didn’t seem like much to worry about. We should go to Silver Cave as advised by the Taiwanese mamat we met at Xingping … when looking at the map it looks like a long way. After all, we have spent a lot of money to transport in Yangshuo..there are some places we need to go before returning to Malaysia. When I think risk of spending a lot of money in Yangshuo. So..we just want to see the sunset jer ….. again we went to Yulong Bridge. Let’s look at the photo …

Very beautiful panorama

bestnya boleh berakit gini bersama keluarga 🙂

Not many want to see the sunset because of the fog kut. It is already around 6pm.

This place is really protected from pollution

I don’t know what this flower is … very beautiful. The tree is as big as a cherry tree

Taraaaa … this is the point

Yulong Bridge is a bit far to our hotel..luckily there are people riding motorcycles. After agreeing to the price..we also asked to send it to West Street Night Market. We had to ride abroad because the akak-akak motorbike was small. If not a can ride 3 people like the moto we used to ride before … Let’s look at the photo at the night market ..

Our 2nd time here..1st day did not have much time to walk.

Cam sedap jer tengok tauhu ni ….

This one again looks delicious … able to see jerlah … do not dare to buy … hehehe

Look at this one of us two people swallowing their saliva … hahahhahaha. All kinds of seafood grill..glupppp … do not even dare to buy because it looks like something sauce is placed

I think this akak is chopping orange chili because it smells sour.

Gini apparently wants to polish pearls so that it is smooth and shining. The thing in the middle is spinning.

After getting tired of walking …. we continued back to the hotel..finally ate fried rice because we were there that night … nothing we can eat near the night market. Throughout in China..the Brahim product I like the most is this village fried rice … very tasty. I don’t really like those other side dishes because there is a strange taste in the gravy. Next time I want to buy a lot of fried rice …

This entry is just short jer ye … next entry I will tell you about our trip to Guilin City and also what we did in Guilin … ok 🙂

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