Travel and Food: China (Yangshuo)

On the way from the airport to Yangshuo, our left and right front and back were presented with a beautiful view.

Until the Yangshuo area … wow..many people are really cycling. Looks like everyone is a tourist. The bike is so beautiful..the roof is ready again … hehehe. It looks like the raft is full in the river..we can’t wait for that time. The weather is hot. After reaching the hotel area, we were picked up from the side of the road by hotel workers who only wore singlets and shorts … hahahahahhaa. He picked up our bag at a hotel not far from the main road. Look at the look of the hotel … a boarding house jer … hahahaha. When I entered … wahh … it was like a hotel boutique, only the lights were too dim. Let’s look at the photo.

The front of the hotel. Wording is all in Chinese … I want to find it for myself, maybe a month later … hahahha. Our room is upstairs. There is nothing wrong with me having another floor after our room. Takde lift ye. But don’t worry, the hotel staff will lift the bag.

Very comfortable room

LCD TV in front of the bed

I like this hotel shower … like a rain shower … hahahah.

When you look from the balcony, you can see this small town. Yangshuo people like to sound the horn like the people of Medan, a bit noisy if you do not close the balcony door.

Outside the balcony … drinking tea in the evenings is the best … hehe

At that time, my stomach was dangling..keep cooking maggie..alamak..I can’t go in there..always cook maggie with vegetable egg soy sauce sauce like … this is just a curry flavor like that … thank you. Seems like a travel cooker ?? We don’t need to bring a rice cooker again..hehehe. Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

After a short break, we continued exploring. The intention was to ride the new bamboo raft we saw on the way to the hotel. Want to rent a bike like that is very far from that we decided to take any public transport there. Before leaving..we asked first how to get to the place. The problem is that the hotel staff is not good at English at all. He said we did not understand … we said he did not understand..load. I got the idea to show the picture of the bamboo raft on the map he shared. He also understood it..he circled the place in the map and also circled the location of the hotel..he went back and didn’t come back … hahahahha.

We walked to the main road which is just 1 minute. Kat Yangshuo is ala-ala Bangkok has transport..there is a tuk-tuk which is a motorcycle and there is an extra rear seat with a roof and also a motorcycle driver who can bring 2 customers at once. Both of these nilah transports are fun to use along in Yangshou.

Yangshuo people like hon-hon must not wear helmets.

There is CNY1 transport, but we can’t even ask… everyone doesn’t know English. Finally we had to choose a tuk-tuk with a price of CNY10 per person. When he showed me a picture of a bamboo raft and a map, he was confident he wanted to deliver … but he made a mistake. The hotel people mistakenly told me..the place can indeed ride a bamboo raft..but it is not the original daaa..please replace the original bamboo with plastic bamboo daaa ready there is another engine. We want to ride the manual and original bamboo. Luckily mamat tuk-tuk always follows us we don’t know what place we want to go the end there is a mamat like a tour agent in that area..he is the middle man between us and mamat tuk-tuk. .he is good at speaking a little english ….

This is the tuk-tuk driver..not playing enthusiastically to take us on a bamboo raft … I think he wants to take the commission because he is the one who gives the price to ride the allergen.

Rows of modern bamboo raft ..

I’m not sure where to go

I arrived even though I didn’t go up … take a picture first … hehehe

After clearing the place and the tuk tuk fare … we were relieved. The shock when it arrives..hehehehehe.

I asked my sis to follow me to the flower garden first..hehehehhe. The farm is next to the river. The river was named Yulong River. From that car, I was aiming to go to the flower farm. Entrance fee of CNY10 per person is charged.

This flower garden is full of small pink flowers.

Me and flower … don’t part 🙂

Flowers that captivate the heart

I don’t know what the name of this flower is..ala-ala daisy is also there


There are other flowers too …

Satisfied at the flower farm … we crossed the road to Yulong River. Eh..bamboo raft has been raised on the truck ?? It’s too early … it’s only 5pm it feels like that time.

Look in the river …. uh there is more. We also went up for CNY50 for two people

Yangshuo is so beautiful … I really fell in love with this place. The scorching heat suddenly turned cold.

This river has been modified … maybe for tourism

The water is very clear and can see the bottom.

I keep thinking this bamboo raft can’t support me … hehehe. I sat quietly because I was afraid of being overturned …..

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