Travel and Food: China (Shenzhen)

Assalamualaikum …

After 12 hours on the sleeper train..we arrived Shenzhen. The purpose here is for a stopover Hong Kong. It’s a bit rushed if you keep coming in Hong Kong as soon as it arrives Shenzhen kan… so we stay 1 night in Shenzhen. When getting out of the belly of the train … we rushed to walk out with other passengers. There are so many people … fuhh. To get to the hotel we need to take a cab. Take care of the broom taxi..there is a broom taxi that greets us..I’m not sure if he is a Muslim or not. We chose a taxi that required us to queue. Just show the hotel address..the driver of the cab already knows. We were left with 1-2 block building … we had to walk..the driver of the cab also showed the way..when walking was kind of confusing. Just 3 minutes so walk..we arrived. Maybe the cab driver did not want to enter our hotel area because he was dizzy far away. I guess..hehehe. The hotel area is a bit happening with the malls around the area. The situation is more modern compared Guilin City

Shenzhen more or less KL

This hotel is on the 4th floor if I’m not mistaken. There is a special elevator for this hotel. Let’s look at the room !!!

This room is really comfortable … there is a table for me to enjoy cooking.

Enter the room … I continue to prepare food … the level of hunger at that time. I use a travel cooker to heat nasi lemak Brahim whichever kettle is in the room I use to heat the anchovy sauce directly from the aluminum pack.

Unspeakable pleasure when you can eat..hehehe

After eating..I told my sis I wanted to walk around the nearby area while she was taking a shower. My plan is to make a surprise for my sis because that day is her birthday..hehehe. Supposedly want to find a bakery to buy cake. The hotel staff told me the direction to go to the bakery … confident giler time tu..sayapun start the mission. The situation at that time was really cold..but I was sweating looking for a bakery but couldn’t find it..hahaha. Finally I returned to the hotel..thank you very much that time..amoi the hotel staff was able to go out for my friend to buy cake. While walking, we chatted. Although stuttering amoi tu want to speak, I can also understand because I am no less..stutter speaking..hahaha.

Quite sad because I can not buy a cake. All cakes are huge. Want to bloat my sis eat cake if you buy it big..hahaha. Eventually I had to buy a cake of different flavors of 3 slices. After saying thank you to the amoi … I also entered the room. No surprise because my sis can already go out and buy something for her..hehehe.

After finishing surprise my sis..everyone took a shower. I really didn’t have time to rest because we had to go out to go Window of The World (WOW). I really did not study for this trip… everything depends on my sis. Sometimes he jugak is the one who has to think about everything..he also has to treat my behavior sometimes tired pastu moody. I’m sure no one else is willing to travel with me if they know my temperament … sis jer willing. Sometimes the budget is overwhelmed because I want to treat my aunt’s behavior, I want to take a cab as if I don’t want to walk … I want to eat this. Believe me..even I will not be able to … hahaha. Actually, I can withstand walking or difficult skits..but if I get in the mood I don’t know’s a pity my sis ..

Dah dah..cakap..stop hal saya tu … hehehe. After getting all ready… we also walked to the MRT station. Already accustomed to some subways in some countries, it does not feel like blur-blur to ride the subway in Shenzhen. Don’t worry… machine to buy user friendly tickets. All handbags need to be scanned before going through the entrance gate to what people call it.

Just touch destination … then the ticket price will be listed..token nilah ticket ye. To start the mission Window of The World… just know which station for us to stop … it is Shi Jie Zhi Chuang Station… when it arrives … go out Exit F.

After going through the hangbag scan place … you can only enter the station area according to the place you want to go.

From inside the MRT station.

Let’s go …

My sis was buying a ticket … while waiting..I snapped here and there.

The outside looks interesting..let alone the inside

Taraaaa …. there is already a ticket … for the price of all … I will share later jerlah ye

Window of The World (WOW) This is like a theme park built to combine trademark buildings from around the world. Buildings that are built look like the original building but they are smaller.

If I’m not mistaken, Achor Wat … I’m not sure because I have never been.

Just walked a little … hungry..hahaha..we ate a cake that I bought specially for my sis birthday. All these cakes are just delicious..hehehe

Let’s go to a place reserved for Japan jer..ready for another show … but how many times do we have time to serve..because we want to finish.

Mount Fuji in the middle of the city … hehehe

Sakura is a fake yer … from afar it looks real

Love to see this flower !!!

Taj Mahal … maybe maybe 3-5m high

Errrr …. I’m not sure what this building represents

This place is really everywhere …

Arrived in Holland … hehehe. Really interesting. Here is the most happening place

The best crazy for this koi fish to eat … the pool water is clear … it’s a shock to sit here

Experiencing experiences like Lara Croft … in that Tom Raider cter..hehehe

In half a day you can go to all kinds of countries … amboi hai sakan … hahaha. The one above is supposed to be in Paris.

If I’m not mistaken, this is a garden somewhere in France

Stonehenge … until now I have not had the opportunity to go. Maybe wait for the next trip.

Church in Moscow.

This Window of The World is huge. It really hurts to walk. We had to keep walking while in really hurt my leg. I can’t wait to go back at that time because I am very tired and have leg pain. We should wait until nightfall … because there seems to be a show. That time added that it started to rain and I could not stand the pain of the feet and also the my sis had to talk to go back to the hotel. One night we just sat in the hotel.

Ended all day in Shenzhen. For the next entry I will share our journey across the border to Hong Kong. To cover several countries in 1 trip is tired. Due to the experience of Europe Trip last year was very we did not hesitate to make another trip like that. There is an adventure there. Anyway, his satisfaction is very, very unspeakable.

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