Travel and Food: China (Guilin City)

Assalamualaikum …

Long time no see..hopefully the spirit of wanting to blog will never end …. hehehehe. Writing time is really limited due to procrastinating office work. For the entry, I was busy typing for a few months … hahahaha. Ready for 1 month to continue..hahaha. Any memory for the trip that has been going on for a few months now..God willing I still remember..the atmosphere where I went InsyaAllah still feels it until now 🙂

Connection from past entry. Explore all day Guilin City really tiring. The weather is very’s so’s not too much. Different right from Yangshuo which is very hot. The next day we need to collect train tickets from the train station. According to hotel staff, we only need to walk to get to the station. The next day we were on standby to walk to the train station after breakfast in the room. Best also walk early in the morning Guilin City..the weather is very comfortable. It took a long time because we stopped shopping like..hehehe. I don’t plan to go shopping very much … but I just happened to find something cheap and’s a mess..hehehe. I managed to shoot a winter jacket for RM70 jer. The design I got when Malaysia reached RM300 – RM400

Our breakfast … I really fell in love with our coffee hotel stay

Early morning activity of Guilin residents

I have him wanting to snap street food..once he gets angry with his tokey..don’t play anymore he won’t share a snap. Suspense too. Walking has a walk..see also a restaurant whose front has people selling bread. The traders are like Mongolians. We were greeted by an aunt … maybe the owner of the restaurant. He was really excited because he met people of the same religion. The restaurant is more or less in front of the train station jer..because I am tired of walking, I requested my sis to sit for a while at the restaurant. We ordered a piece of bread. The restaurant worker himself is not good at English. Ada la mamat ni cakap cina.,. Saya agak jer dia tanya kami dari mana..hehehe. When he spoke from Malaysia..he means my guess is correct … heheheh.

The bread is crunchy..delicious when eaten hot

Water is served in a bowl

Excited aunt met us

My sis doesn’t really want to relax in the restaurant … the reason is that our mission is not ready yet, which is to collect train tickets to use that night. Finally we continued our journey. The station is not far from my aunt’s restaurant … just 2 minutes can be seen from the restaurant. The process for collecting tickets went smoothly without the need for a long Q. Starting the blur, I also want to Q katna..because my sis likes to ask, we Q the right place.

Guilin Train Station

This train ticket my sis booked about a few weeks before we went to China. Expensive too … in RM300 ++ per person. I will share the cost later

After leaving the station … my sis decided to go to the souvenir shop … finally we chose the cab because it seemed like we couldn’t walk. I also forgot what place my sis asked the cab driver to bring. When it arrives … alamak … where is it ?? There are only shoplots that sell food products, grocery stores and drug stores. Stress is right because it costs 20 CNY to go to a place that doesn’t know where it is. Diskas has a disc … my sis said let’s go back to the hotel..check out first..then just go back out. Take another cab … oops ..

View near our hotel. Calm down because you can see the river water without pollution

We sat down again … where do you want to go next ?? It looks like there is nothing to explore anymore except the closest one is Elephant Trunk Hill. We want to try to get on the bus again. I’ve spent a lot of money on cab. Once again we passed in front of the shop where I bought a winter jacket … amoi who served me until I left the store because I wanted to persuade my sis to buy a jacket … hahaha. He reached the bustop. He also gave us directions for where to stop … it’s not in vain to know that amoi..hehehe. After the bus arrived … we stood near the driver while pointing at the picture Elephant Trunk Hill in the folder to the bus driver … he nodded while pointing a finger in front. That means it’s not far, right?

After a few can be seen Elephant Trunk Hill. I pointed it at the driver..he kind of told me to wait for another stop … until the stop for us to get off..I got off from the sis there was an amoi holding her hand she came down from behind..shrinking tu..dah la people stand full until they want to walk can not..what’s wrong we went down in front that only one step jer can go down. Luckily my sis is stubborn.

From the bus stop..not far from the entrance

Guilin..Yangshuo..both of these places do cost money for the entrance fee. Really different if you go to Europe..many attraction places are free. Like Korea for example … the entrance fee of any palace is not expensive at all and there are also many places that do not need an entrance fee. To fill the time before leaving for Shenzen..we gamble and spend more money to enter Elephant Trunk Hill you.

Landscape at Elephant Trunk Hill the most interesting is a mountain that resembles the shape of an elephant’s trunk. The mountain is located in an enclosed garden. Need to go into the park to see for yourself the shape of the elephant’s trunk. The mountain is very large. The shape of the natural landscape looks more attractive with the existence of a river. There is also a bamboo rafting service on the river but I am not sure where the station is.

There is already a ticket … let’s go in

If you have the opportunity to enter Elephant Trunk Hill, serve the landscape here too … there are many interesting things

Flowers definitely attract my attention 🙂


Taraaaa … until it is..This mountain is very big. Saper larat can climb to the top … there are stairs available.

I’m a little weird..the shape of a rock mountain resembling an elephant is natural … why do you want to charge an expensive entrance fee ?? I don’t really understand.

Baby elephants play in the water … hehehe

Pagoda on the mountain we visited 1st day in Guilin. Can refer previous entry. Look at the elephant-shaped mountain, it looks like an elephant in the Ice Age animation movie … hehehe

Then I was satisfied..we even got out of that place. Had to use the cab again because we chased time to eat as well as to the train station. When boarding the cab … my sis call the restaurant we will go to and hand over the phone to the cab driver. That way the cab driver knows where we want to go.

The cab driver sent us right in front of the restaurant. Throughout in Guilin, we had the opportunity to dine at 2 halal restaurants. Both are like a grand jer restaurant. I had to spend a lot of skit money because I had no choice. Want to order our food assisted by the waitress. He recommended I try rice noodle while my sis asked for a steam fish order. The reason is, we can try 2 types of food. Good idea right. The fish we ordered was was more than enough for two people.

Sesame biscuits are delicious..everything tastes like’s not that much to be tasty..hard and very sweet.

Rice noddle is normal because … but the noodle is very soft … it is suitable for eating with laksa gravy

This is the tastiest … combination with rice is perfect. No need for any other fish. This fish has a lot of bones … when he is ready to cut slices like this..very happy to eat. On top of this fish is sprinkled with crispy fried sauce-style sauce and I don’t know anything else it is very tasty !!!

Photo on the wall of the restaurant … it feels like showing ethnicity in China.

I’m full..we want to go to the hotel to get a bag. We asked the waitress the right place to take the cab. He accompanied us to the main road to hold the cab. Due to the peak hour time, it is difficult to get a cab. Then it rained. He is still with us by the side of the road. Finally, my sis asked if she wanted to walk. He said not far … maybe 5 – 10 minutes jer. So we decided to walk because we were afraid of wasting time plus making it difficult for him. Actually, it doesn’t feel far to walk..hehehe.

After taking the bus, we took a cab to the train station. The location of our hotel stay was quite ok because it was close to the main road and not crowded. It’s not hard to get a cab. While in the cab, it can also be sightseeing for the last time. Guilin City looks attractive at night because the colorful lights installed around the lake are also trees. The city is clean and feels safe when walking at night. If compared to Yangshuo and Guilin, of course Guilin is more advanced and full of facilities, public transport ect, Yanghuo is calmer. Compared to its population, the population of Yangshuo is more polite. If given the chance to go again, I would like to stay longer in Yanghuo.

Turning the train to Shenzen ye..we were left by the cab driver away from the train station entrance. Time tu suspend la..fakut kena tipu or driver tu wrong send. He talked like a chicken and a duck. To be sure, we asked people who seemed to want to go to the place that is said to be the train station. Finally we believe that place is right. I want to enter the station, from the entrance I have to go through immigration and scan bags for everyone. After immigration, you can go straight to the gate as it appears on the ticket. Many people are crazy. We were a little apprehensive when we were in one waiting area. When asked by the staff of the station..he immediately did not understand. Until then I came across a Chinese mamat who seemed to be a tour guide for 3-4 people mat salleh. That’s right where we are waiting, just wait for the door to be opened to go to the gate on the ticket. Luckily..very worried.

1st time I want to take the train for a long time..up to 12 hours …. fuhhh. My sis has booked from Malaysia again. When you enter our room..fuhh … be satisfied. Each room has 2 double decker beds. We share with a couple of Chinese senior citizens. Originally I was sitting downstairs and my sis was upstairs. Because the couple is a senior citizen, how can he want to go up? So I offer to change..he has to climb up..hahahaha. But more comfortable at the top. How did I feel that time? Shock la..hehehe..the sheets and blankets are very’s cold okok jer.

Train slow jer..sometimes noise comes from the rail..I’m a bit of him and then the junction kut..hehehe. That time I was busy screaming jer… hahahaha. Anything can jer tido until noon… hahahaha. Everyone is provided with a slipper. Can go to the toilet using the sliper. The toilet is really bad … rotten. Some people will come to sell snacks and water … they can buy it.

All day walking … really tired … can’t wait to sleep..hehee

Sleeper train

From google photo: triple bed (hard sleeper) cam gini pulak is not very comfortable because the mattress is thinner and there is not much privacy. Just a curtain to cover each compartment that has 6 beds. Maybe it is not suitable for us women to sit in this place. If you sleep on the top bed … fall in a coma sure: P

Our room also has a door and can be locked from the inside. More privacy and safe to be on the train all night. If you are tired of lying down … you can sit outside the room until the view is served.

Oops … I need to write many more entries. I recently went to Vietnam. Full of allegations right to that country and made me give up to go to 3rd world countries. But when you think about it … the good should be used as an example and the bad should be used as a border But my emotions are still not stable with the events that happened due to my own negligence. Being lazy and taking into account everything is easy and ultimately the rewards received. If people’s belongings are confiscated … who can stand it ?? Whatever I have to learn to be content with the provisions of Allah..there must be wisdom. Pray for me to be patient and content 🙂

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