Travel and Food: Ben Than Market & River Cruise (Vietnam)


For this part 2 entry, I want to share my shopping experience in Ho Chi Minh. The most femes shopping place in HCM City is Ben Thanh Market. From the hotel it takes less than 5 minutes. Ben Thanh Market is inside the building. The area is very wide, so I’m not sure if the alley has passed yet. It is confusing. A variety of beautiful fabrics are for sale. For me it is expensive too. It is not very different from Malaysia. Or because I’ve been buying ready-made baju kurung for a long time, that’s why I can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap..I don’t know.

Ben Thanh Market from outside

The souvenirs inside are very beautiful. I have it wholesale. Negotiations can be very cheap. But you have to be good at acting..for example. Price offered RM20, negotiable RM10 not available. Lastly, make a sentence to our friend “Eh..the 1st shop was for RM10 right ?? Let’s buy it there.” The seller will legally reduce the RM10. Believe me..heheheh. If you look at the souvenirs in Vietnam, they are decorated with Vietnamese amoi paintings that are their traditional clothes. Amoi was skinny and slender. Truly beautiful. Lots of vases and framed paintings themed amoi paintings. I want to share need to exchange Dong money a lot. The reason is, RM is accepted everywhere except shopping complexes, hotels and even cabs. It feels more profitable to use RM.

Kind of interesting jer bowl with this chopstick. Ready to hang a chopstick like that.

See those colorful containers? This time I do not know .. until I visit the factory for souvenirs the next day, then I know. Egg shells are used to decorate the surface of this container. Complicated also want to make it. Requires high patience.

Many of the countries I go to are Vietnam’s fridge magnets are the cheapest. If you can’t get this package for RM10, don’t buy it

Really beautiful right ?? But I’m not interested in buying it..hehehehe

Arrive at us a Vietnamese t-shirt shop. I really want to buy 1 for me and 1 for my sister. Indeed, choose all the best. My sis also did not forget to choose for herself and her siblings. I only bought two. My sis is not wrong I have a lot to buy. My sis did not buy because the seller seemed to cheat the price if using dong. The conversion method is wrong. I came back..I paid, I really can’t do anything.

The seller is adamant that he is right. Last-last my sis tak nak beli. He also had a mouthful at that time. Sellers from other stores are getting ready to head towards us. Once he slapped my sis by the seller in the hand. Seeing because the situation is getting worse, I continue to pull my sister’s hand which is getting more and more dizzy. We even ran from there because other sellers were getting closer. We didn’t run enough land. Haishh..really a September tragedy. We will go there in September 2015. Hahahah.

Don’t think that kind of tragedy we got out of no no..we continue our shopping mission. Stop by 1 nun store hidden inside. We think, he sure does not have this customer because it is hidden. I like this blouse … it costs RM60 once. Why don’t we have this in mind..we can do anything with clothes that are under RM20..hahhaha. Yela..if Parkson gi can get something better than what is sold there. I really don’t understand how cheap the items in Ben Thanh are..hahahah.

We decided to get out of a place like that tribe … hahaha. We want lunch. I remember there was a LEAF restaurant named. I saw the street time of the night when my mobile phone was stolen. Walk to the leaf restaurant in 5 – 7 minutes. Not far away. Just enter the restaurant, we are greeted by the male owner. She is Singaporean and married to Vietnamese. His wife is veiled and sits in the kitchen to cook.

Outside the Ben Thanh market, we are greeted by street street souvenir sellers. Kesian also looked dorang, so we bought a bookmark of Vietnamese amoi statue for RM10 to get 5 pcs. Beautiful, real fabric patched as clothes..creative

I snap this for info ..

That was the 1st time I tasted Vietnamese coffee. Ehh..the concentrate. According to the owner, Vietnamese coffee is made quite thick because Vietnamese people like to hang out while chatting. So, over time the coffee will melt and still retain its flavor. apparently.

I highly recommend this restaurant. Fast and tasty food and cleanliness guaranteed. Most importantly, halal. Let’s see what order I …

This Chinese tea ice is given for free..I both spent it because I was very thirsty

We just ordered pomfret sambal and meat soup. There is also a way to eat food at home. The pomfret fish sauce is really delicious..the soup is delicious again. Owner tu share resepi sup tu. Stir-fry the onion..put the potatoes into cubes, onion, diced carrot, celery stalks, I forgot what else..then the meat. Although simple, but very tasty. The sweetness of the vegetables gives a sweet taste that is hard to describe. The meat … was tender … we were really satisfied to eat. But the food here is a bit expensive. As far as I remember, all food and beverages in RM80 more.

We returned to the room after satiety. Plan to take a short break and go out in the afternoon. When I just sat in the room without activity, I remembered my cell phone stolen by that person. This heartache is right. The person who took it was really bad. Several times I mistakenly wanted to take the phone from the handbag. Sometimes it’s fun to remember because the phone is in the bag. When I opened it..I didn’t have a cell phone..then I just remembered that I didn’t have it..sad.

That afternoon walk around the hotel area. Found 1 Muslim travel agent. We just went in to ask for any tour. We were warmly welcomed by Anne. He is fluent in English. Most importantly..he is kind and respectful to us. My sis is interested in taking a cruise..according to Anne, the cruise package includes halal dinner as well as round city by motorcycle. We will be pillion riders. My sis agreed tour for round city and also cruise … then she added tour to Chu Chi Tunnel. I just obey..because my sis paid for everything..hehehe. After making the payment..Anne told us to wait outside the hotel around 7.30 pm if I’m not mistaken.

As promised..we were invited by Anne herself and another travel tour worker. I was a bit phobic about what happened the day before, so my sis please hold my purse. Anne’s scooter riding experience was one experience from another. Apparently..the night wind at HCM is very cold. I had a chance to be in the middle of the bustle of another motorcycle. Scary to see so many very motorcycles. Every rider seems to have an understanding with other riders. Occasionally Anne wants to cross or go through a roundabout..I’m very scared..I’m afraid of colliding with other people because they are so close.

With horror I think that … Anne occasionally talked about every 1 area or building we passed. Anne is really good. Some places we stop to take pictures. According to Anne, we are lucky because it did not rain that has been raining for a few days every night, Yelah … if it rains how can we ride a moto..hehehe.

This is the entrance to watch the puppet show in it..we are not interested in entering.

This is a post office..this is just the outside. We came back here again on the last day at HCM..we saw the inside after that. Later my next entry will tell yeee

Taraaa … this is the last place we were taken..that is to take a cruise. Anne was excited this time..she was shocked to see the sail of the ship behind it changing the color of the lights … haha. Melompat2 her..until I thought … ehh..saper yang tourist ni … hahaha, Anne ni jadi macam kawan kami dah.haahhaha

Laaa … apparently this is our cruise … hahhaha. It was thought that it was great … adoiii hahahha, Anne escorted us inside … she wanted to make sure we were served halal food. That’s right Anne,

Before this cruise is served. Everything is seafood. It tastes good. As we asked … we want a table on the side and at the back … the best. A gentle breeze slapped his fresh.

After eating … this cruise is just moving. It’s not my fault … this is the Mekong River. The views presented are not many … but still interesting

This is the best part for a snap view..the lights will change color..When there is a cruise nearby..again it looks interesting. My camera does not produce any quality photos. My sis understands my feelings..she handed over her sony brand phone. My sis’ phone is really beautiful when you snap a photo at night ..

HCM is really beautiful at night..the usual lights from the building make the river colorful.

Many correct my sis snap my photo..hahaha … until I don’t know which one to choose. Maybe he feels my sadness..I don’t tears are constantly flowing because I think about my lost phone. Many times I drive away my feelings of sadness … only God knows what I feel.

Not far from our table, it looks like a Malaysian table. They stared at us and nodded in greeting. There are 3 boys and a girl. The sister of the sister’s rank approached us..the acquaintance session took place. Apparently akak was the tour guide for the 3 men. After chatting with know the misfortune that befell me. He really sympathizes with me.

After passing to the table..a mamat came from the 3 men. Apparently they are afraid to walk in threes at HCM..because of the plague using that service. They really like that service. He was a bit weird why we both dared without a tour agent. I look at my sis looks at me..I don’t know..we xsure..maybe because I’m used to it. We are lazy to explain at length.

Suddenly music echoed throughout the cruise space … I was weird..what the hell. Suddenly the brother pulled my hand..he seemed to be hugging my back. My sis and I were separated as a result of my actions. Apparently there is a show on stage..he wants me to be able to watch the show closer … hahhaha. My sis nodded so I felt ok. I saw him in the middle of the crowd.

I’m also full, I have to clap according to the rhythm of this dance..yela..I’m excited, my sister is excited to drag me forward … hahahaha

Before parting with the akak..he had time to give his phone number. He worries about the two of us. We can call him if we have a problem. That brother’s heart is really good. When getting off the cruise..looks Anne is ready to wait for us with her friend. Can’t wait for him to ask about our experience … hahaha.

Anne sent us straight to the hotel. It was fun for us that night. Ok guys … see you next entry. I will share my experience in the Mekong River..baii.

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