Travel and Food: Be Like Wildflowers

Assalamualaikum ..

Hi guys. Entry kali ni just santai-santai je. How many here like to look back at travel pictures stored on a computer, laptop or mobile phone ?? Definitely crowded right? Beautiful memory as you want to forget … right? Same to me. In the middle of the photo-photo service, paaaappp..look back at the wildflowers I snapped. Minah bunga say. Not only snap photos of flowers in the garden, but also by the side of people’s houses or small flowers on the grass..hehehe.

Every single creation of God actually teaches us a lesson. For example, wildflowers can grow anywhere without proper care. The benchmark. It can be said that these wildflowers are idle flowers. Sometimes people don’t care. But does he care. She continues to bloom and always be radiant. Similarly we, it does not matter we are ignored, we can still breathe and appreciate the beauty in this world. We need to go through the days meaningfully and not have to regret anything we have done. Live as you please.

Wildflowers provide this world in their own way. Why can’t we? It is enough that we brighten our days in our own way, no need to care about what others think.

I want to be like wildflowers ………..

Jom layan photo ……

I snapped these wildflowers while in Bruges, Belgium.

This flower is really strong even though the grass around it is almost dry. This picture I snap time in Seoul, Korea.

The nature of God’s colorful creation. This photo I snap time in Bruges, Belgium.

I also snapped this photo at Zaanse Schans. The yellow flowers that grow on the edge of the canal add to the atmosphere. I love this moment.

This photo is also in Zaanse Schans, white wildflowers grow everywhere..beautiful right.

Really excited to see this flower..the white color can fly when the wind blows. Ever seen it on tv..hehehe. This is also the time I met Zaanse Schans

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