Travel and Food: Balkan Trip

Assalamualaikum …

Long time no write since Scandinavian entry. Since last year I have been busy with Instagram, so this blog I will update when there is a new trip jer. In IG you can share travel photos and in the blog you can share experiences and tips throughout the trip 🙂

Want to know what country I will explore this year ?? Jeng jeng jeng … let’s see my intro trip first..hehehe ..

My trip starts from 4/1/2018 to 16/1/ will be close to 2 weeks. If the long-distance travel is deducted, it is within 11 days nett. Let’s see what my highlight is in a country I reached …


Enjoy the superiority of Islamic architecture in Istanbul

Freezing on the Exchange with a temperature of -8 degree calcius


Enjoy the tranquility of Sarajevo

Excitement in Blagaj Tekka and also Pocitelj

Extra impressed in Mostar Old Town


Trembling head and knees as a result of exploring the entire historical City Walls in Dubrovnik … but the view is stunning !!!

Witness the beautiful creation of Allah SWT in Plitvice National Park and Rastoke Village

Strolling around Zagreb City

Alhamdulillah which is very, very much for this trip, everything is manisssss..selected from scamming, travel, eating, drinking as well as a comfortable place to stay and many more. Wait for the next entry for me to share my experience 🙂

Bai ……

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