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Assalamualaikum …

The title of my entry is I just put the Balkans even though I will not explore all Balkan countries. Like my real mother, follow the Balkan trip and tell him I can’t remember the name of the country he went to because there are so many. As usual, it’s touch and go. He said, hotel stay to sleep jer. I didn’t have time to really relax.

Ok ok ok..cter about my trip. As usual, my sis is the flight survey and book all kinds. My job is to find the attraction places that are appropriate. We bought a return flight from KL-Istanbul and transit in Jeddah 2 months before the trip. This time I had the opportunity to board Saudi Arabia Airlines. The country we most want to go to is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unfortunately direct flights are all expensive. Try a direct flight to Croatia, also expensive. I do not want to have to buy a flight ticket to Istanbul. I list flights throughout our trip …

1) KL – Istanbul (return) transit in Jeddah by Saudi Arabia Airlines
2) Istanbul – Sarajevo by Turkish Airlines
3) Dubrovnik – Zagreb by Croatia Airlines
4) Zagreb – Istanbul by Turkish Airlines

Follow your heart, if you want to go to Istanbul, it must be spring time and not in the near future. Whatever I receive, Allah will provide sustenance to Istanbul soon..thank you.

Preparation ala rate only because the items for travel in winter are always stored. Our flight to Istanbul is at night. Because Saudi Arabia Airlines is transit in Jeddah, there are many Umrah pilgrims. On average about 90% of the passengers are Umrah pilgrims. 80% of them are from Indonesia. The Indonesian umrah pilgrims are really in a large group. There is a group of pilgrims from Malaysia in only 7-8 pilgrims so jer and in flight they sit in a seat nearby. An ustaz accompanied them. Because this Malaysian congregation is not far from my seat, I just noticed jerlah. Ustaz is their guide for intentions during the flight across Miqat. How do you know? info from the tv screen will appear.

The Indonesian congregation near me returned, I saw the real pity. Maybe those aunts don’t have friends. I don’t even know if I want to wear a seat belt..the one near me and my sis can help..the others ?? Very sorry. The stewardess came and asked the aunts if they wanted to fish at chicken time to serve the food. The aunts were shocked. Lastly, put the food on the aunts’ table. I can’t really see the plight of those aunts. For them maybe takde pape..only in their hearts they want to perform umrah and be a guest of Allah SWT in the Holy Land.

During the flight, we were served rice and pasta. It doesn’t taste very interesting. Luckily there is a hot bun..i likeee !!!

We arrived in Jeddah after 9 hours of flight. If I’m not mistaken, we arrived in Jeddah at 11pm local time. There are still 6 hours before the next flight to Istanbul. I was drowsy at that time. There is a transit lounge to accommodate transit passengers. Staggering tido convey want near the toilet door..isk isk isk. I had a good night’s sleep on the chair. Not really comfortable.

About 6.30am, once again boarded Saudi Arabia Airlines. It only takes 4 hours to reach Istanbul. For some reason, the flight did not move after about 1 hour we were in it. There are some passengers who complain because they need to board the next flight after arriving in Istanbul. After the flight landing jer … continue some passengers take the bag and wait in front of the exit. I don’t know if they had time to go because the time to queue for immigration is long.

Good morning at Jeddah airport.

Alhamdulillah … we enjoyed a delicious breakfast on a Saudi Arabia flight while heading to Istanbul … nyummy !!!

The story of Istanbul immigration. When it was my turn to go through the immigration, the officer seemed to have a problem with the word Binti in my passport. Luckily there is another officer next to him..the officer explained. When I turn my sis, it’s a little quick because the Binti issue will no longer exist.

Because the energy is still there, my sis asked me to take the jer train to go Sultanahamet. Follow the signboard to the train station. Easy and convenient. Before boarding the train you have to buy Istanbul map. If you do not want to buy reti at the machine, you can buy at the kiosk area to go to the train station. Trains from the airport cannot be direct to Sultanahamet. Need to change tram pulak. Systematic also system train and tram in Istanbul ni. If there is a problem of not understanding what, can ask the officer in charge at the gate.

From the airport, after 4 stops..get to get off at Zeytinburnu station. From nilah station we need to change to tram. It is not wrong for me to have dozens of stops to reach Sultanahamet. He has to stand up … fuhh. Turkish citizens only in a really crowded tram. When reading from a blog or pape website, I can not imagine the state of the transport system in Istanbul. When I have the opportunity to feel for myself, I just know … hehehe.

Zeytinburnu station… I have a fool this time..with a big luggage bag, there is a heart to use that regular gate..stucked inside..hahahha. Can I use the gate on the left … hahaha !!!

Get off the tram, startled to see how happening the area is Sultanahamet. Stunningly beautiful Blue Mosque and Hargia Sophia. We can’t wait for that time. We choose Antusa Palace Hotel to stay 1 night at Istanbul. From Sultanahamet Station, just 2-3 minutes jer walk.

When in Sultanahamet Station. Can cross at will on this tram route.

We need to go through a row of restaurants in this area to get to Antusa unique right ?? I like to see the atmosphere of the area Antusa Palace.

Antusa Palace Hotel

While waiting for check-in, we were served with Turkish tea as a welcome drink.

Enter the room … it’s kind of cramped. Not the same as in When asked by the receptionist, he said that our room was booked. Hit it because it’s a pumpkin.

Start the segment looking for space to open luggage..hahaha. The chair is used as a place to hang pape..hahaha.

Ask for a twin bed..he gave me this bed..hit hit it.

Satisfied with the toilet ..

After getting a room, take a shower, everything..we look for a restaurant first. Very hungry because it is past lunch time. The two of us travel kind of have enough breakfast, lunch and dinner … haahhaha.

My sis was captivated by the salmon fish at the restaurant this time we went to the hotel after arriving at Sultanahamet Station just now. We just choose one jer dish and share.

The bread is free..but it is not suitable to give. Want to chat with what ?? The side dishes are all dry..hahaha.

I chose rice that I don’t know what the name is..there are various nuts. I don’t know how to explain the taste..the conclusion is delicious..hehehe. That salmon is really big..satisfied we both ate. I can quite taste the salmon cooking..salmon is placed on chili, onion, tomato and lemon, then wrap with aluminum foil and put in the oven..maybe put salt and pape herbs.

I’m full … time to explore Istanbul ….. Time is getting darker. We have a little jer time. After all, it’s a bit tiring because of the long journey. Let’s serve a photo …

This tourist hotspot is really lively ….

The main highlight in Istanbul …Sultan Ahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque. Pretty pretty. I just appreciate the beauty of this mosque from the outside. Tomorrow I intend to go in again.

Hargia Sophia built 1500 years ago. Originally Hargia Sophia This is a church … this church fell into the hands of the Islamic army and later turned into a mosque. And now Hargia Sophia This is a museum. Want to know more stories, can google ye.

It’s only 4.30pm and it’s getting dark. We are getting slower …

Wait for the next entry for me to share the beauty of Istanbul next … stay tune … ok !!!

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