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Assalamualaikum ….

Continuation of the story in Istanbul. Sleeping soundly in Antusa Palace Hotel, we were startled by a fighting voice in the next room. Chinese couple. Which amoi kind of dissatisfied what ntah. That guy is cool jer. Rimas giler. Because I can’t stand it very much, my sister knocked on the door and told me to shut up. The amoi is still grumbling but a little slow. Only then can we sleep. Tomorrow morning, continue listening to the amoi voice again … hahahaha. Luckily it’s noon.

Before we continue to explore Istanbul, we had breakfast first. Can withstand even the breakfast buffet provided. And the important thing is halal.

This time at 8am … the moon is still visible. This is the view from the balcony of the room.

There are various sauces that I do not even know what it is. Cheese also has various types..chocolate sauce and various jams. I don’t know how to choose..hehehe

There are various nuts..but it tastes weird.

I forgot to snap this type of food … it is a layer2 of thin pastries interspersed with cheese and spinach. It tastes really good.

Because we only have 1 night jer in Antusa Palace and flight to Sarajevo is 7pm, we had to store luggage in a special room in the hotel. I really like the Antusa Palace employee. First we arrived in front of the hotel, he was upset to go and pick up all our luggage because the hotel is on the stairs and we sure heggeh2 want to lift. Luggage is all managed by them to get to the room without replying tips to what. At the same time, we wanted to leave for the airport that afternoon … we were helped to transport our luggage outside. Really have service..fuhh !!

Our 2nd day at Istanbul accompanied by very good weather. The sky is blue all day … thank you !!! The first place we headed was Blue Mosque.

From hotel to to Blue Mosque just 3-4 minutes like that. In other blogs the story there are a lot of fat cats in Istanbul ni but takde pulak yang cerita pasal anjing. Me and my sis are really scared of dogs. My sis is not just a dog..even a cat is scared..hahaha. But luckily I did not find many cats..there are 2-3 like that.

Edges Blue Mosque.

Beautiful right architecture of the largest mosque in Turkey ni … calmly look at it from various angles. This is just the outside..not the inside anymore

From this inner courtyard I headed to the entrance of the mosque. Various races and religions of visitors who enter inside Blue Mosque. Everyone must cover their private parts regardless of race and religion. The shoes have to be opened and put in plastic. Please bring it once ye because the exits are different. Oh entrance fee is charged. To please yourself to appreciate the inner beauty of the mosque, there is a shelf to put shoes inside the mosque.

Blue Mosque which is amazing

It is a beautiful mosaic carving that adorns the ceiling..I can not imagine how patient the person who made it..the work of art is very smooth.

Space for main prayers for men. Visitors are not allowed here.

One more thing I want to share here..the carpet inside is very fluffy and bright red and decorated with blue flowers. It tastes really good. If xde people, sure I rolled on this carpet … hahahha

We have been in for a long time Blue Mosque..satisfied with the beauty inside. I gave my sis an idea to enter Hargia Sophia. My sis on jer..someone said Q wants to buy a ticket Hargia Sophia It’s always long. Thankfully our time Q is not very long. Time Q there are people approaching to be our tour guide time inside. It really is not … must be paid.

A pretty beautiful morning adorned with a unique architecture that is truly impressive

Let’s go Hargia Sophia pulak..hehehe

Here is the ticket … 40 Lira

what Hargia Sophia is this actually ?? I told the story based on my reading, eh..a little jer. Many of them become wikipedia plaques..hahahha. According to info from the web Hargia Sophia Museum, for 916 years Hargia Sophia was used as a church. Then Fatih Sultan Mehmed | conquered it and converted it into a mosque. For 482 years Hargia Sophia was used as a mosque until in 1935 it was used as a museum until now. Meaning Hargia Sophia This is Holy Wisdom and is also known as Aya Sofya | (in Turkish). story inside Hargia Sophia pulak ye. Go inside looks obvious it is an old building but still intact. To clearly see the situation inside Hagia Sophia |, please go up to the mezzanine floor. The path to the mezzanine floor seemed to climb. This path is quite long and feels like enough oxygen … hahaha.

Walk to the mezzanine floor

The condition of this route reminds me of the condition of the route in the Round Building in Copenhagen

When you arrive at the area to corner a little, the route becomes more sloping

This is what I mean to see a more tangible view of the whole Hargia Sophia.

On the left there is a lot of scalffolding installed. Maybe there is repair work. There is this angle that can clearly see the main space of prayer.

Pieces of mosaics covering Christian symbols have been dated. The camgini symbol is not only on the surface of the dome, but on the wall as well.

This window is really high..the level of the tip of my head jer. My sis came a little too far to snap a view outside. So I asked him to snap a view outside …. hehehe

It looks Blue Mosque… beautiful right

We still have a little more time to explore Istanbul. By hook or by crook … must arrive at the airport at 4pm. This time is almost 1pm. Get out of here Hargia Sophia, we walked backwards Hargia Sophia again. Topkapi Palace It’s not far.

Snap from behind Hargia Sophia

I’m not sure what this building is ..

The grass is green

There is a souvenir shop in this area … there is also turkish delight. We also had a taste of turkish delight … delicious !!!

In front of the gate Topkapi Palace. We did not enter because of time constraints. Some people say, in this you have to spend 2-3 hours. So we decide if there is sustenance we will enter after returning to Istanbul in a week like that

I gave my sis an idea to enter Basilica Cistern. Entrance fee is 20 Lira. Basilica Cistern This position is just across the street from Hargia Sophia. It started to feel weird looking at the building for us to buy the ticket just like a guard house because … hahaha. Yela..the place I will go to is underground daaa … is there anything here ???

The small red-striped building hit the ticket counter Basilica Cistern… let’s see what’s inside

From my reading, Basilica Cistern This is a place to store clean water. It is located underground where it was built by 7000 slaves in the 6th century. There are 336 pillars made of marble as support. Bricks used around Basilica Cistern This is 4m thick … fuhh thick tuh.

For me, there is nothing interesting in this..what is interesting is the greatness of its construction … I can not imagine how with the technology of the past can build a storage space as big and whole. Walking paths are provided for the convenience of visitors. It is a bit vague to see the surrounding conditions because dim lights are used. If no one else is sure I’m scared.

This pole is known as the crying column. Only this pillar is wet from all the available poles. The purpose was built in conjunction with the memory of the slaves who died while building Basilica Cistern ni.

In one part of this place there is a fish pond.

Medusa head as the base of one of the poles.

So the doesn’t come in, it doesn’t hurt inside Basilica Cistern ni. We haven’t had lunch yet. I already know which place is suitable for our lunch. Not far from Cintern Basilica and not far from the hotel.

If you go through the aisle of this restaurant..many people will approach. People don’t even have to. Dorang just explain the menu is up to us to go to taknak. I am interested in Masal Restaurant Cafe.

Can choose to sit inside or outside. We prefer outside because we have to go down the stairs to get inside.

This lamp is beautiful.

While waiting for the meal to arrive, we were served with sliced ​​nan bread with yogurt and humus. It’s really weird that it tastes like sour yogurt and humus, it’s okay.

Taraaaa … my meal. Meat kebab … I chose this restaurant because it serves meat. If my lamb does not eat. My comment about this food … thank goodness for the sustenance. Delicious ?? Maybe a little less ..

Satisfied, we returned to the hotel to pick up luggage. We are going on a journey full of onak and mines..echeehh. Maybe peak hour time we boarded the tram. The tram is full. I had to sit on my luggage because I had room to stand. Luckily with a thick jacket, I feel there is protection time to touch the Turkish mamat. And good luck winter … if summer sure is smart jer..hahaha. Tortured right in that tram.

Usually when in the airport, our bags and ourselves are scanned after going through immigration. But not the same in Attartuk Airport ye. We were scanned after entering the main gate of the airport. Remember to take the laptop out of the luggage to something so that it is not difficult to open the bag when it is scanned.

We will go up Turkish Airlines to Sarajevo. My sis is ready to check in. When we arrived at the airport, we had to drop our luggage. There has been an experience time Scandinavian trip ritu … so it does not matter much to understand the luggage drop system.

There is a story of our time throbbing inside Turkish Airlines… wait for the next entry … ok !!!

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