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The trip has been more than half a year..but the entry is not over yet. Haishh. Now this is not only busy with work..busy also with preparation to set up home furnishings. This brain is busy thinking about what to do with the kitchen..what to do with the living room..what to do with the room. Hahh … fiber.

Remember the previous entry ?? Yee right … we are back in Istanbul. It’s a bit annoying to pass immigration near Attaturk crowded. Meanwhile, I saw some people rushing to take the connecting flight..there was this couple..he cut Q in a hurry. He also managed to cut a few people..unfortunately..until near this mamat, the mamat asked the pehal to cut Q. When the couple said dorang wanted to chase the connecting flight … with the mamat sluggish he said … he was the same son chase connecting flight. But it doesn’t even look..relax jer Q. It looks very sucking that kind of inconsiderate. A hollow reaction on the couple’s face. Stand behind the mamat. At least dorang hit Q in half an hour. Definitely a dorangpun flight missed … what to do ?? A reminder for us not to try to take a connecting flight.

We are familiar with the transport system in Istanbul. Our destination that day was a hotel that we would stay for 2 nights. We chose this hotel because it is close to the Bazaar. Can’t wait to go shopping … yeah.

Most do not like to wait for the tram in the open area like this ….. cool !!!

Solis Hotel … this is the worst hotel we stayed in this trip. I don’t like blankets and pillows the most. I don’t know what soap to use for washing … hahaha. Hard !!! Every time I move time in a blanket … a rough sound is produced..buntu pulak I want to explain … hahahaha. Hotel staff pulak ntah pape … tak reti nak check dalam system yang kami ni book via Confident Giler said he won’t book us … then I told him to check properly … then we will meet.

Toilet pulak … clean and comfortable !!!

After a short break..we started the shoppingggg operation !! Before starting the activity to go shopping … we asked the hotel staff about the day tour to Bursa. The staff explained the itinerary for the Bursa tour … and I was excited to highlight that we wanted to play snow jer. If possible, do not go anywhere else. The cost offered is 150 TL. Then..we did not confirm do you know when to go for a walk to meet a tour agent who offers cheaper prices After listening to the explanation of the hotel staff … we headed to the Grand Bazaar. Not far … just cross the road and walk in 2-3 minutes.

On the way to the Grand Bazaar … many shops sell Turkish Delight. When I see so many things … I don’t feel like buying or eating. Before reaching Istanbul, I really want to buy it … I want to try it.

All this baklava is very sweet … believe me.

Turkish delight, any store provides a sample to taste..if baklava, it looks like you do not see a sample to try … maybe baklava is more expensive than Turkish Delight. The kind in the photo above … it feels chewy and there must be nuts in it..delicious !!!

Huhu..until I get to the Grand Bazaar … wahhh..really grand uols !!! It is not certain which direction to enter at any junction. Convey the confusion he has gone to yet the alleys in this Grand Bazaar … aduhhhh.

What is in this Grand Bazaar ?? Nearby there are many souvenir shops, gold shops, shawl shops, turkish delight shops, carpets, ceramics and lamps.

1st store we stopped by. Satisfaction we both went into this shop … hahahha. We ate pistachios and turkish delights. While mamat turkey ni dok layan saya beli turkish sis asyik take a handful after a handful of pistachios dok ngap..ngap..ngap !!! LOL. Not for fun … we are welcome to eat..hahaha.

Turkish delight for my mom … huhuhu.

This is the look of turkish delight I bought for mom. For yourself, you don’t have to buy it because you are satisfied with eating in the shop..hahaha. I highly recommend buying something that looks like this..if you eat, you will not be very sick.

Then we passed in front of a colorful light shop. The Turkish lights are really bright. There are stores that do not allow us to snap a photo of the lights sold.

Really beautiful right ?? But not my taste … hehehe

Ceramic products are also popular

The hallway sells lights

When you look at this Blue Mosque replica, you continue to feel like buying a small one … Alhamdulillah see you ..

My sis kind of short glass collector …

We went again to our 1st day restaurant in Istanbul. The food at this restaurant did not disappoint. I can’t eat much because I’ve already eaten turkish delight at the Grand Bazaar … hehehe

On the way back, we had a survey of the tour price to go to Bursa … it turns out that our hotel stay offers a very cheap price … hmmm..until the hotel … we continue to confirm with the hotel staff. The tour that we will join will start at 7am and is expected to return to the hotel at 10pm … fuhh. I watched the weather forcast … tomorrow in Istanbul City it will rain all day. It’s good that we went to Bursa … the weather in Bursa I checked was quite ok … no rain.

Ok guys … wait for the next entry … there is an interesting story !!!

Bai …

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