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Assalamualaikum ..

For a long time I left this blog without a new entry. Let’s connect …

After being satisfied spend time at Rastoke, we moved to return to the airport. Car rental must be returned before 3.30pm. Actually my sis hit a little curb road..there were a few scratches on the bumper. And when the car returns, the car rental person will not check the car …. thankfully. Oh ye..because we took the car in full tank condition, we had to top up the full tank as well. Gasoline pump style is not the same as we here know. We need to pump first then just pay. The petrol pump staff knew we were driving a car rental, he was our guide.

Once we have settled on returning the car rental, we look for a shuttle bus to go Zagreb City. This shuttle bus is right in front of the airport main entrance. We were lucky at that time because the bus was about to leave the airport. Can continue to pay the driver. Fare is 30 kuna. In 1 hour I also want to get to the city.

This timetable I snap time to Zagreb City bus station.

It was awkward at first..the shuttle bus driver showed us the direction to get on the tram. Our goal then was to Apartment Cilindar. Just because I want to know this dorang transport system, so the blur is over. When we got to the tram station just next to the bus station, my sis asked one of the tram drivers..yes, that is the tram we will take. Because that time is peak hour, the tram is full. We are with luggage again … it is not saturated. Thankfully there is a Croatian mamat who got up and let me sit..hehehe. Maybe look at me uncomfortable standing with luggage busy not sitting still..hehehe.

Arriving at the place where our apartment is located, we got off the tram. The area is really a square. Humans are crowded. Attractive lights in conjunction with the New Year and Christmas celebration still fill the streets and buildings. Based on google map we can find directions to the hotel easily.

Taraaa … this is the most comfortable accommodation during our Balkan trip … let’s take a look inside …

One of the best in our room … we can cook !!!

The toilet is very clean

This room is really spacious..I don’t want to grab the luggage storage space … hehhee. A wardrobe is ready.

Have the comfort of this bed until it is difficult to get up … hahahaha

After taking a shower, everyone … we decided to walk around the area while looking for dinner. In fact, we did not study much about Zagreb. The main purpose of the Zagreb port is to stop for a return flight to Istanbul. We took the opportunity in Zagreb just to relax non-stop traveling and sightseeing.

Central square in Zagreb … this place is really lively. Only trams are allowed past the main square of central square in.

The excitement of the new year is still there … we decided to go to the supermarket because … buy bread and salad. It is quite difficult to find food to eat in Zagreb. Looking for a halal restaurant is difficult again. There are not many Muslims in Croatia.

Our results are shopping..thanks

This apartment does provide cooking utensils. I only use the kitchen jer..all my cooking utensils use my own.

Taraaa … our dinner. Thankfully..our satiety that night. Even though it was late at night..the excitement of the row of pubs outside the room did not make any noise at all. Our sound proof apartment stay is the best !!!

View outside the room in the morning. Our activity started after breakfast bread and scramble eggs. We just plan to round the area near jer.

Central Square …

The weather was a bit gloomy that day. Let’s find an open market !!! Just want to wash my eyes because …

We just walked 2 minutes to get to this open market. Various fruits and vegetables are sold. For wet goods pulak..sold in a closed building.

Shock also look at vegetables and fruits that you have never seen … interesting.

The souvenir shop is not far from the open market. It’s really hard to find a magnetic fridge without a church picture.

This church is one of the attractions in Zagreb

Road that is only reserved for trams..we walk without directions to appreciate the atmosphere of the city in Zagreb. Meanwhile, I was looking for a cafe to drink coffee … but none of it was suitable to enter …

Tram ni macam dah uzur..hehehe.

My sis ajak try Zagreb Funicular. As long as I want to go there, I look around for any hill or mountain..yela..if there is a funicular, I definitely want to go up to a high place. It does not directly look like a high place nearby. When you get to the destination … it’s behind me …. funicular plague..wakakakaka. It feels so funny..low jer. Climbing stairs can also be reached.

Jom naikkkk !!!

We were with a family mat salleh riding this funicular..wink jer … a few moments..hahahaha.

View of Zagreb

It won’t be too high either … hahahha

There are many museums up there..I’m lazy to go in. So once again we walked without direction

Stop for a moment at the park, what is its name …

Then we came across this interesting grocery store … I didn’t really think there was a maggie sale from Thailand..there was a halal logo ready. Because we did not bring maggie continue to buy the maggie and go back to the apartment to cook.

It doesn’t seem like I really want to explore should be that day we made a day trip to Slovenia … a little regret there. After we ate maggie, we just hung out in the room until the evening. Because we did not feel like eating anything at the cafe in Zagreb..we plan to go out for afternoon tea..still want to try our luck to find a suitable cafe.

Luckily we went out that afternoon. Apparently there are still places we have not explored. The row of buildings on this rather steep road is very interesting.

When walking uphill..apparently this road leading to the hill is not as high as the funicular.

Finally we found a suitable cafe. There is a cafe selling fries and next to it is a bakery cafe. We bought fries and headed to the next bakery. My sister ghost fries..she was really shocked

I noticed a customer enjoying this dessert in a fancy cafe during the morning walks. I want it … finally there is a sale in that bakery..then I order. Hahahaha. Pastry tu layer with custard cream … very tasty !!!

Zoom sikit..hehehe

Get free croissants

After eating..we are just shopping to spend money. Then we went back to the apartment to pack our luggage. Tomorrow is our journey to return to Istanbul. My sis told the apartment staff to book a cab to go to the airport tomorrow. Due to our flight at 9am, we had to leave at least 6am. Kind of nasty pulak to get on the bus. The apartment staff said, we just waited in front of the big church..the chab will pick us up.

The story of the next day. We both chuckled and left Cilindar Apartment in the cold. Luckily, the market traders have had a lot of time … so it’s not very quiet. We are also waiting for the cab that was promised..wait for it, wait..don’t come. Panic sweat began to appear a drop or two. I didn’t have time to go to the bus station. We also stood for half an hour … thankfully when this cab just dropped passengers in the nearby area. And thankfully the driver can send us. Most of us are thankful … he doesn’t want to scam anything..indeed we pay according to the meter.

Second time at Zagreb International Airport …

The first time we boarded Turkish Airlines, we got a sandwich. This time the flight in the morning … got a delicious breakfast. I like the bun on the flight the most … I have to be warm … ready not to be embarrassed to ask for two pastries that my sis also has..hehehhe

Bai Croatia… even though we left the earth Croatia, our precious experience brought back …

Look forward to the story at our last stop before returning to Malaysia..see u

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