Travel and Food: Balkan Trip – (Croatia

Assalamualaikum ..

Hmm… when I have been traveling 5-6 years lately, if I do not travel for a few months, it feels like it is incomplete … start not feeling comfortable sitting and so on. Travel addicted disease feels … hahaha. Indeed is raising funds suitable for the next destination. You have to enter a new house now, again the cost is needed … haish. I hope this year’s increament is very awesome … aminnn.

My manager is a really good person, although sometimes it is a bit annoying … he supports me if I want a long vacation to travel. Only he is busy highlighting do not leave time near CNY like a Balkan trip ritu..because at that time there are many sub-contractor claims that are necessary for the payment process from me. I also remember the winter trip because I can’t stand the cold..hehehe.

Dah dah dah … let’s continue the story Dubrovnik. After I was full eating rice..we were ready to go out. No rest said my sis. It’s really nice to sit in this hotel..bus stop just in front of the hotel … cross the road a little jer. Happy because I want to take the bus from Hotel Petka. Can take city bus no.1A, no.1B or no.3 and stop at the last station …Pile Gate.

Bus stop from the front of the hotel

Get off the bus Pile Gate… can still be seen City Wall

When the bus stops at Pile Gate, just a few steps jer and can enter Dubrovnik Old City. I noticed in the street Old City or Dubrovnik City Wall Here, there are several gates. For me, Pile Gate is a suitable gate for us to start exploration. Sign in Old City from Pile Gate, there is an office that sells entrance tickets. And get ready to climb the stairs after buying that ticket … hahahahaha. But … ha ada tapinya..the view is so great from the top. Must buy a ticket to explore this place, if not … just can walk downstairs jer lah.

Experience at City Wall This is something special. The reason is, I never knew the article City Wall ni. When my sis says kitaorg will go Dubrovnik Old City, I just remember seeing the old building jer. I do not know the article City Wall. The high wall is built as a fortress or fort and its length is close to 2km. In 2 hours I also want to walk while snapping here and there. Fuhh … tired you know..but satisfied. Let’s serve a photo

I’m ready to look at the stone wall… hahahha. If you look at the weather forecast, the temperature that day is 17 degrees Celsius. So I decided to wear a light jacket. It can withstand …. but sometimes the cold wind greets shivers. And the more the evening, the colder the temperature … match the face …. hahahha.

Along the way that morning from Mostar ke Dubrovnik… I see a lot of people planting lemon trees like this. Available for sale in stores and market areas Dubrovnik… but I don’t feel like eating.

For info

After buying a ticket..ready to climb this ladder … hahaha. Hap hap penat tau ..

Tired of not running out anymore because going up the stairs..keep messing up this snap view..hahahha. Really beautiful view from above … gayat is also so high.

In the middle of the shock of taking pictures..suddenly there was a dock dog running around with his master getting closer and closer to us. Imagine our feelings for that black dog with a hallway of this size. The dog is not tied up. There is no way for us to take refuge… ohhh no. Just one jer we thought that time… RUN. We ran like being chased by a dog … even though the dog was motivated to run around with his master..not to chase us. Are we both stupid..haahha. At the end there you haa there is a little big space. We let go of the fatigue of running there. Minah Salleh who ran a child with her dog told us … don’t run … don’t run. This story gives us a warning..don’t run away when we meet a dog. Need to calm down..slow down. And we use it in the next tragedy facing dogs. Stay tuned for future entries.

Even if you just ran away from the dog, maintain happy … hehehe. Lawa properly views the roof of the building. Not many people this time..just us and a couple from Korea. Summer time sure place is crowded.

Main street in Old Town … there is a souvenir shop and also a restaurant in this area ..

Near City Wall not only can you see the uniqueness of this stone wall … but the beauty of the sea water which is blue black mixed with green … can you imagine ??

The best people who stay in this area … the days can see the sunset and breathe the fresh air

The entrance ticket we bought can enter the building on the hill..the next day you can use the ticket again …. unfortunately we are very tired to walk to get there … look from a distance so be it … hehehe

I believe, the view from the top of this building must be awesome

It feels very calm this time … the world created by God is really beautiful.

The roof here is standardized because of its color

There is someone’s house on the edge of the wall we passed. There seems to be no privacy to relax outside because tourist docks pass by the house.

There is also a port here.

City Wall This is very unique and very interesting. Look for an opportunity to visit this place..2km walk will not feel like 2 hours have passed. Every corner wants to stop to snap a photo. Near this check point, we met the uncle who took care of it. His job is to chop our ticket to indicate that we have used that ticket..maybe I want to re-enter again, I can’t because I already have a chop..I guess. My uncle is about 60 – 70 years old. If he knew we were coming from Malaysia, excited right he told. Formerly a Bosnian during the war, his job at that time was to become an English teacher for the Malaysian army. Lucky we were able to have a quick chat with him.

We walked on foot and finally realized we were outside City Wall. Our goal then was to buy souvenirs on the main street Old Town you. Meet this local person..he is the one who teaches how to get back in.

This is what it looks like City Wall on the outside … strong and sturdy.

The road pointed by the Dubrovnik people is heading towards this small alley. I just realized that this stairway is Kings Landing. Need to go down to the main street.

It’s nice to see the alleys here ..

Time to shopping souvenir !!!

Supposedly enjoying the architecture in the Old Town … even though, I was choosing which store to enter … hahahah !!!

Among the souvenirs for sale. I just bought for myself … I can not afford to buy for others.

After being satisfied with the dizziness Dubrovnik Old Town, we are dizzy looking for a restaurant. Hmm … a bit empty..there is no suitable restaurant. We took the bus and returned to the hotel. We stopped at a complex..just 2 bus stops from the hotel. The twists and turns in there were not suitable for eating … we walked to the hotel..finally found a bakery. That night we just had bread for dinner jer ..

Can he want to cover his stomach with this croissaint … it tastes good too. This time we are facing our hotel stay. There is a grocery store selling coffee area … hot coffee and croissant..good combination. Got to serve the view in front of the port … so delicious.

This is one of the privileges of staying at Petka hotel..not only the view cun … the place to hang out is also comfortable. Dubrovnik This is really a peaceful city … I really fall in love with this place.

It doesn’t matter what I really want to do even though this time is only 8pm if I’m not mistaken. My sis time ni bz record all our expenses. Saya pulak..layan movie … hehehe.

Not satisfied with this view .. unfortunately we will leave this place tomorrow to go to the next destination. Only the body leaves a place that we have reached..the fact, experience and memory we must bring once. Do not want to play terjah here and there but not what we bring back .. bring back lessons throughout our exploration .. so that we will feel very grateful and more mature .. God willing.

Wait for the next entry …. I will share a little more articles Dubrvonik!!!

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