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Assalamualaikum ..

Still a story in Dubrovnik. We were planning that morning, just wanted to relax while waiting for the flight to go to Zagreb. Our room at Petka Hotel is included breakfast. Best jugak breakfast provided. There are various spreads to eat with bread. I love bread so much !!!

I don’t know how many pieces of bread I have..hehehe

After satiety, we went out to the mall near the hotel. While walking to the mall, we went through the open market. It feels like local people … hehehe. We just bought lemon jer because my sis likes to drink water with lemon slice. On the way to the mall … we passed the port. Calm down because the situation in that area …

Open market … mostly sellers in this market are senior citizens.

Styling the scarf purchased at Sarajevo… hehehe

The situation that day was colder than the day before.

If you want to hang out here, it can also be because there are chairs provided … the sea water is clear … ready to see fish. I should keep the bread … it’s okay for the fish to eat … haish.

After shopping what should be in the mall..we quickly returned to the hotel. We need to go to the airport to board the flight to Zagreb. I’m not wrong, our check-out time was around 10.30am. To get to the airport, there is a shuttle bus … but we need to walk to the bus station. That is one of the reasons we chose Petka Hotel This is because it is close to the bus station. We can’t quite take how long it will take to get to the airport..I’m also worried about missing the flight. Until near the bus station … so suspense when we were told the bus would leave at 11.50am. Ya ampunnnn … panic la saya. Our flight was around 1.20pm … did you have time ?? According to the shuttle bus staff … we must have had time to get to the airport because the journey was around 1 hour. Do you want us to trust you? Wait for us to open at the bus station for almost 1 hour … hahahha. We waited right in front of the bus because we wanted to take the front seat..hehehe.

Come on … the bus is about to run. Yeaaaa get the front seat … thankfully.

Best bus route to get to the airport … view along the way cun-cun mere. Oh yes … this bus has a stop to pick up passengers at several places, including nearby Old Town.

Through City Walls… narrow right look at the road.

More and more leaving Old Town… thank you Dubrovnik..i really enjoy the moment with you !!!

I was scared when the bus went through the gorge. Dah la laju pulak tu.

It’s like in the Jurassic Park story … hehehe.

Thank God … we had time. Like the two of us because the last time I checked in was … hahahha. Set drop luggage all … get ready to go up Croatia Airlines. I can’t wait to get there Zagreb and then to Plitvice National Park which I dreamed of in a month or two before the trip … heehhe.

Taraaaa …. less than 1 hour nyer journey..don’t dream of riding a boeing like … hehehe. See that trolley ?? If we drag cabin luggage, dorang will tell you to put it in this trolley. So, do not bother to lift yourself up on the cabin …

Bai Dubrovnik

Face of the earth Croatia

Thankfully we arrived safely at Zagreb International Airport.

We only had breakfast that morning. It’s really hungry … but we can’t procrastinate to eat like that. A bit of a real gamble to go to Plitvice. Ok..I’m telling you a little story. This Balkan trip has various dilemmas to arrange from place to place and transport etc. The various ways we discuss … always end in a deadlock. To drive from Sarajevo to Mostar then to Dubrovnik and continue on Zagreb also, the cost is very high so take and return the car rental at different places. Follow my sis’ original planning, she really wants to drive. Various factors we consider … such as wanting to cross board..rental car cost..tired … limited time … danger..very diverse. Finally we decided not to drive from country to country … we use public transport such as buses, trains and even flights. Not only save time..even cost and energy.

To Plitvice Another story … I love my sis drive. Tension is also what he treats me..hehehhe. My sis tried to book a car rental … but the required deposit is a lot right … thousands of RM … I forgot. So my sis decided to gamble because she was looking for a car rental at the airport. I pray a lot so that we have the sustenance to get a car rental. Fuhh … row of car rental counters … we tried to ask 3-4 car rental companies..some want to deposit 1000 Euros … makkkk !!! My sis kind of gave up. I feel hope is dying out. I tried to convince my sis to try another company … thankfully we had sustenance. He offers Volkswagen Golf. My sis’ dream car …. hehehe. Deposit is not much..around 100 Euro. As far as I remember, the rental for 1 day is around RM150.

The car rental company is called ORYX. Oh yes … there is no need to make an international driving license like..just show our driving license like that jer.

I look at my sis like cuak jer … hahhaha..cian him. I have everything to say … is this me ?? Parking not far from the airport building is just typical for car rental jer. Before my sis signed the car submission form … this ORXY staff will show you the places where the car body is scratched etc. Do you know what my sis cuak ?? Because this is the first time he wants to drive left hand side. He also started to start … he started by reading a few prayers and then went around the parking lot. My job is to look at the waze. Good luck Flexiroam function di Croatia. When I get to the intersection or roundabout, I will give instructions to my sis to which side.

Thankfully this airport is not far from the highway, it goes out a little because it has entered the highway. When near the highway, I like to relax a little because I do not need to help my sis pape. May I snap here and there..hehehe.

My sis quickly adjusted … I was relieved.

Thankfully it doesn’t rain …. i love this view

We stopped for a moment at R&R to buy coffee and bread. That time my sis had the opportunity to adjust the seat more comfortably. Let’s serve the sunset view all the way …

Somewhat worried when we reached the area Plitvice It’s getting dark. Yela … I don’t know what the condition of the place is … the danger of not driving at all dark … we just hope good things happen. When you get to the toll plaza … it shakes … hahaha. Not sure which aisle to enter. When you enter the right lane … there will be no toll guards. Hah already … luckily there is security then the area … he is the one pointing the machine to issue the ticket … use the ticket to pay when you want to exit the highway … ohhh so … hahahha

About 1 hour drive on the highway … and another 1 and a half hour is a normal road.

When you start entering the area Plitvice, the road is getting narrower and lorry is getting bigger. Danger for my sis to drive fast because the road is not only 1 lane, but also intersecting. Luckily it is not hilly. Many times he also had to step aside to give way to other vehicles that are fast. When the atmosphere gets darker … we get more worried. But thankfully … we finally got to Room Jana, Slunj safely. Owner Room Jana That is what we are waiting for … park because his car continues to greet us. He brought our two luggage bags with his relax upstairs to our room. Get out of the car … sorry for the cold poking your body.

Room Jana by my sis booked through We choose Room Jana This is because it is not far from the main road and the room looks beautiful and clean. From there I want to go to Plitvice National Park not far away.

The atmosphere that night was really beautiful because the sky was full of stars. It’s been a long time since I saw a star scattered like a purchase in the sky. Very beautiful. The sound of birds filling nature … the darkness of the night made me unable to see the state of the thick forest near that place.

Perfect !!!

I’m busy closing the curtain to see the stars and tomorrow to wait for the sun

Refreshment … ready for biscuits and sweets.

This wardrobe is beautiful

The toilet is very clean

Owner Room Jana tu stay upstairs and downstairs and rooms for rent are upstairs. There is nothing wrong with me in 4-5 rooms also upstairs. Just the two of us because we spent the night Room Jana That night. Really different that night from other nights throughout the trip. We stayed in the countryside … it was quiet and quiet. After cooking rice and eating … I just watched a movie. Can’t wait for tomorrow to explore
Plitvice National Park.

See u all in next entry …

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