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Assalamualaikum ..

Still survive to continue the entry … hehehe. InsyaAllah, I am not bored anymore to share stories throughout the trip. For those who are patiently waiting for the next continuation of this Balkan story … well done. For entry this time … all day we are at Plitvice gives a wonderful experience, suspense, amazing, awesome and more..hehehe … poyonya.

Actually to go to Plitvice National Park (the largest national park in Croatia) can jer take the bus from Zagreb. But we just chose to drive and stay 1 nite area Slunj. There is accommodation closer to the national park that we will come across..unfortunately the place is very remote and dangerous for us who arrive at a dark time.

That morning we packed up to get out Rooms Jana . Owner Rooms Jana He informed us at the time of check-in that he did not have time for us to check out because he was working. I quickly got ready because I can’t wait to see the situation around me. I went out alone while my sis was getting ready. I remember that morning temperature was 0 degree calcius.

Morning view outside the window … the house next door is kind of like that Rooms Jana jugak.

I know the article Plitvice This is from my sis..then I just remembered that my IG friend used to go there. He stayed in a village known as Rastoke Village. Rastoke It is famous for its waterfall village. The hotel he stayed under the floor had a flowing waterfall. At first I requested my sis to sit in the village area … unfortunately there are hotels that are not available and also expensive. Finally we chose Rooms Jana which is not far from the village. After all, I want to stay to sleep’s not very’s important to be comfortable and safe.

Bestnya morning atmosphere … Rooms Jana It’s really close to the forest. Guess what ?? I found two deer in the middle grazing the grass. So cute. When the deer realized my presence even though my position was far within 300m, the deer stopped grazing and looked at me. When I move two steps, they also run blink and stop my gaze again. When I moved again, they kept running into the forest. Wahh … best la. Hehehe. Don’t let the tiger come out..hehehe.

I found a deer near the bush..maybe in the forest all the grass is no longer green, because the deer came out to eat this area kut..I’m a bit..hehehe

Rooms Jana from outside

When my sis is ready … we start our exploration at Plitvice National Park. What is there ?? At Plitvice National Park we can witness the amazing beauty of the waterfall. Takpe … takpe..sabar dulu … kita cerita step by step … hehehe. From Rooms Jana , a half and hour journey is required to arrive Plitvice you. From then on, I was frustrated because there was no snow. Actually there is wisdom … 1st, the road is not slippery … 2nd, the cold without snow is so bad tell us we can’t stand it, imagine if there is snow. Follow the weather forecast, that day will be snowing in the evening. Means, we had a chance to leave Plitvice.

Along the way, many proper accommodations are called Rooms blah blah. Must be when this summer place is full of visitors because many extreme activities such as hiking & jungle tracking can be done.

It’s almost time to arrive

I get info, when winter..only Entrance 1 opened. Waze can find entrance 1 tu katner..don’t worry. There is a difference to Entrance 1 & 2. I am not mistaken, entrance 1 can continue to reach the waterfall and Entrance 2 can reach the lake.

When I got to entrance 1, aduhhh … it was cold to the brain. Camner wants to walk around the national park area ?? The condition of the place is indeed the forest around. There is 1 tourist bus from China has finished exploring that place..fuhh, it’s really early. That time was not my fault at 9am. Remember we are very early … push until you are ready to explore and want to go back.

Taraaa …. until it is !!!

Let’s go in ….

Do not want to hope there is a cafe to what ye … we both do not have breakfast at all … sad !!! When I bought the entrance ticket, the challenge started to go down to the waterfall.

We chose route A for the shortest reason … hehehe. Choose the one that follows the ability !!!

Not far from the ticket entrance earlier … wahhh … you can still see the waterfall view. This is the color when it comes to winter..hehehe. Kind of black and white picture right. If you want the color of nature to be beautiful must come in the spring or summer. But I understand that time … sure crowded.

Dewdrops form ice

Just want to start exploring … henpon fun hang. Can’t stand the cold he said … what does Apple have..hahaha. Let’s go downstairs !!!

This route is provided along the way we want to go down the hill to the waterfall. About 4-5 floors also want to go down.

The closer I get to the bottom … the clearer water looks clear … very beautiful !!!

When it reaches the bottom … aduhaiii … the water is clear.

Taraaaa …. finally reached the very high waterfall..Subhanallah … amazing creation of Allah SWT.

This waterfall is really strong …

Even though I was sitting a bit far from this waterfall, a splash of water hit me … the cold was indescribable. My phone is 100% can’t be turned on..he still can’t stand the cold from me … hahhahh. Ngam-ngam I set a picture at this waterfall … a tourist group from Korea came..many giler. We quickly passed from there.

We headed towards the calm lake … really enjoyed looking at the view here … never tired. My sis is wrapped..just saw her eyes jer..hahaha. I said to him … a little way jer again..then let’s get out of the national park. Hold him for my sake … hehehe.

After reaching this area … I also spoke to my sis..let’s go to the next destination..even I can’t stand the cold actually … hehehe.

Wild fruits

We left Plitvice National Park after about an hour more explore the place. If it weren’t for the extreme cold … maybe we would have been there a long time. Giler is relieved to be able to sit in the car … to melt back the brain that is almost frozen..hehehe. We moved broken back towards Slunj. Our goal is to stop by Rastoke Village I really want to go. Like in Malaysia … some roads have cattle signposts … in Australia there are kangaroo signposts. If at Plitvice This … there is a sign of a deer crossing. Along the road to the left and right there is no fence at can be seen deer crossing. It happened to us … my sis almost wanted to hit a deer that was speeding. There was a rush of blood for both of us at that time. Luckily my sis was able to brake and there was no car in the back … fuhhh … thank God. Start from then my sis just drive 60km / hour jer. Suspense is right … my job along the way is to observe if other deer want to pass..haishh.

We stopped for a moment at tourist information not far from the main road … staff from tourist information explained to me where I want to park. When we arrived at Rastoke Village… totally foggy atmosphere. Oh ye … need to pay parking yee … must provide coins. And our problem at that time was not knowing how to use the parking machine..because everything is in Croatian. Then came a couple from China … they were all teasing the parking machine. The four of us want to use that blur. Luckily there is an uncle who maybe stay area Rastoke Village Then … he taught the four of us. Finally managed to pay for parking.

I don’t see what the village looks like … hahahha.

You can see a little waterfall passing under the house …

Circumstances Rastoke Village from the parking lot … let’s go inside the village

This village is really quiet … don’t let the zombies come out already … hahahaha

This village is surrounded by rivers and waterfalls … amazing right

I think a lot of accommodation in this village is closed due to winter season because there are not many visitors

We were looking for a restaurant that sells grilled trout … by chance we met this mamat … he also told me where the restaurant was … he also recommended us to try pizza at a nearby restaurant. We are still interested in eating trout … so we walked towards the restaurant.

Excited to see the trout fish restaurant … hehehe. I am the best way forward because I can’t wait..hahaha

Again excited to see this cute restaurant jer and there is a small river around it. But it’s quiet … it looks like it doesn’t open.

Suddenly I just felt a dog aware of my presence … he continued to follow me. I feel like I want to lose my heart..the dog should not be as high as the waist … as high as the knee jer..but he is still a dog and I am afraid of him …. huarggggghhh. I walked quickly towards my sis and told her to follow the dog..she said don’t run. He can save me, he calls the dog like a cat. The male and female sweat all started to come out … the dog followed my sis. My sis told me to walk slowly … meanwhile I picked up a stone. Haishhh, even the stone I picked was big … if I threw it at the dog … I would faint. Thank God … God sent help to the elderly couple. Slowly we walked towards those who were busy taking pictures. The dog did not act violently either … but he is still a dog … my animal is most phobic.

When we approached the couple … the dog shifted towards them. The aunt’s handbag was sniffed. What else … we ran..scup you know !!! It’s a hilly road. And the dog suddenly saw us running … he ran to follow us. He was a bit behind … we managed to get into the pizza restaurant recommended by the mamat earlier. Like trying to lose a running life … good luck dogs … not zombies … hahahhaa. I think the dog is hungry … maybe the owner doesn’t want to eat. Eh …. the story is like a short story … hehe. It ‘s already over to the restaurant..we decided to eat there.

Mamat tu ada recommend lasagna … sayapun try lah order veggies lasagna dan my sis order tuna pizza.

Situation in the restaurant lasagna..not fed up … but too much..I can’t finish

My sis’ tuna pizza is’s so big

When we left the restaurant..the fog had disappeared … it was a little clear Rastoke Village ni.

Around Rastoke Village

We left Rastoke Village with satiety

The situation that was foggy is starting to disappear …

Rastoke Village… this is the place where there is our story and also the dog … hehehe

Love this view

Good bye Plitvice..Slunj and also Rastoke Village..i enjoyed every moment here..the memories i will never forget..InsyaAllah.

Ok all readers … see you again in next entry. I will share my story at Zagreb again.

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