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Assalamualaikum …

See you again for the continuation of the story Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are still many more entries for me to patient, read my chatter..hehehe. After getting tired of exploring Blagaj and Pocitelj, I fell asleep for a moment. About 3pm like that, we went out to the Old Town.

From Villa Park, we need to walk 1km to get to Old Town. On the way, there was a child beggar. Cute because … but a little messy. That pity is indeed a pity, if you give me money, they will roar with us. There are some mothers with small children begging us … pity.

It’s not hard to go on Friday Old Bridge or Stari Most ni … walk straight jer and make sure Neretva River on the right..then it will get here. When the feet start to step on the rocky surface of this road..that’s it Old Town.

Here it is Old Bridge which my sis is very fond of saying. He really wants to come here. Finally we arrived. Gah betul bridge ni. The bridge was magnificently located for 427 years before it was destroyed in 1993 during the war in Bosnia. The bridge was rebuilt in 2004 at a cost of 15.5 million USD.

Luckily, my shoes are a bit thick on the, there will be no problem stepping on this rocky road.

Persistently correct this arrangement

The experience of being on Stari Most should not be missed. But it was a bit torturous to climb it because this bridge is in the shape of a curve. When we get to the top of this bridge … we can see a very awesome view ..

View while on the bridge..the right speed of water flow from Neretva River..this height makes me feel strong.

Another view … this buiding looks bad..but unique.

Here not only Stari Most is the main attraction..even the building here is really charming. As if in another age

Due to gayat, my hand is busy holding the iron railing..hahahaha.

Mostar … the historical city..protected by UNESCO

I said to my sis … that open space on the stairs is a place to take pictures to view Stari Most… come on ..

We had to walk through a row of restaurants and souvenir shops.

It’s a bit challenging to go to that staircase has to go through stairs like this. Tired too you know !!!

Comel jer bridge ni … hehe

Got through the back of the building..while we were walking, I found some hostels in this we pulled this luggage, it was not suitable to stay in this area because it was difficult to pull luggage. Maybe if the backpack fits the kut.

Taraaa … until’s really cold this time.

The sound of this river water is really’s really calm. If you have a picnic, it is really the best. We were able to sit for a while because we could not stand the cold.

I snapped this view when we left the stairwell … this time I was climbing a relatively high ladder to go up the road.

When we reached the highway area, we suddenly blur in which direction to go. Even if you use the internet, Flexiroam does not function in Bosnia. I kinda walked. I want to go down the stairs like I can’t afford it..hahaha. Thankfully we met again Old Town. Enter the Old Town area, then find a restaurant. When you look at the are grilled trout that we really want.

Bosnian food … gluppp

We were given bread first … Subhanallah this bread is really delicious … very soft. My sis forbade me to eat a lot, I’ll be full later …. hahahaha. So I target to ask for tapau jer this bread.

1st time eating grilled veggies is in Sarajevo. We both really like it … once again find a restaurant that has a grilled veggies menu, keep ordering. All kinds of veggies you know … I like zucchini and mushrooms the most.

Taraaa …. grilled trout !!! Thankfully, we can also feel this menu that we did not have time in Blagaj. This meal is for one person, we just order another rice and share this fish one by one. Pulak rice is very soft and delicious. Overall … we are very full and satisfied.

It’s 6pm, I’m not wrong this time …Old Town it’s getting quieter. Many shops are closed. I took the opportunity this time to finish BAM by buying a magnetic fridge.

Thank you Mostar … I’m having nice moment with you.

We walked back to Villa Park. The dark atmosphere is a bit scary here. The beggars are still hovering. When entering the room, the feeling of fear is felt … hahaha. I kind of don’t like to sleep lightly. Usually at home, enough with a little street light to enter the room. Like in Villa Park, there are no street lights because behind our room is a river. So my sis wants the room to be bright..finally I agree to open the balcony light. Only daylight curtain closes the door.

Time to go to sleep, I make sure my blanket covers my direct view to the balcony. Afraid to see the view outside. Really different during the day … hahahah. The silence is different..hahaha. I did not tell my sis I was scared at that time … because she was more cowardly than me … hahahaha. During that night, all sorts of things happened to my sis. Many times I woke up because my sis was delirious … hahaha. It tastes 5-6 times. During the trip with him..that was the 1st time he was delirious badly..hahaha. What I did … when I woke up … so I was afraid to look outside the balcony … hahahhaa. Dok asyik imagine there is something perched on the balcony … eiiiii. Only tomorrow will he tell the story. Throughout the night, in the dream of a soldier like a trojan trying to enter our room to stay. Many times such dreams jer. I’m a bit right..maybe because we go to places where a lot of people die … maybe that’s the effect.

For the next entry, I will share an awesome view throughout our trip from Mostar to Dubrovnik. Bai ….

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