Travel and Food: Balkan Trip – (Bosnia and Herzegovina

Assalamualaikum ..

Continuation of the story in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

That morning we woke up as early as 5am to get ready to go to Mostar. I slept soundly Pigeon Hostel you. Following my sis’s planning, we need to be at the train station half an hour before the train moves. The train will move around 7.10am, means we have to be at the station around 6.40am. But I don’t know what slowed down, we don’t 6.15am we just wanted to leave the hostel. Terkedek-kedek brought luggage kilos down the stairs. Luckily one level sajer. Sweating in the cold of winter … hahaha.

The atmosphere outside even though it is still dark, people have filled the tram station. According to hostel workers, there are many cabs in front of the hostel. Unfortunately cabs rarely pass. There is a broom..but we are not interested in going up. Most of the cabs already have passengers. I’m nervous..I’m cold and I don’t care. 6.30am we are still waiting for the cab. Some stop but tap the price at will. If I’m not mistaken, the cab driver wants to knock up to 50 Euros, he said the standard price of all cabs. My sis taknak lah. Thanks to our patience, there is a cab stop..he said fare follow the meter and is about 7-8KM like that. Far right with the price of 50 Euro … fuhhh. Alhamdulillah we reached the train station around 6.45am. To buy a ticket there is no need to queue.

The outside of the train station in Sarajevo

And inside … there is a cafe that is open this time

Counters buy tickets.

Ready to buy tickets, we walked towards the platform..the path to the platform is awesome … hahahha. It was a little dark, the walls were scratched. That time we were both jer … scary. Takde elevator to go up to the platform ye … once again sweating bring luggage up … hahahah

The train to Mostar is really comfortable. I imagine the train in Sarajevo is bad. It’s just not the best, when the snap photo is deflected from the window mirror. 5 minutes like that, this train is moving … thankfully I got on this train.

We did not have time for breakfast. Luckily my sis still kept the bread I bought in the Old Town. We had breakfast of that bread with hot coffee that I bought at the cafe train. In that coach, there are only two of us because of the fierce snap view here and there. Other passengers relax jer …. hahaha. Got left and right empty seats. When the view is on the right side..the two rush to the right..if the view is on the left, run to the left … hahaha Let people want to look weird..hahahaha.

It feels calm to see this Bosnian country side. Very calm because of the situation. Occasionally this train is on top of the mountain and the view of the settlement below the mountain is far away. Unfortunately, I could not record that view perfectly. In the distance you can also see a snowy mountain … oh, it’s really beautiful. Feeling really lucky at that time … God gave me the opportunity to see a very beautiful world. Not revealed in words. The closer to Mostar, the clearer the emerald green river looks. Can’t wait to see that colorful river up close.

There is free wifi provided in this train … but no problem wanting to have internet …. 3 hours of travel serving the view again best … hehehe

Calm to see the sky shining beautifully on a cold morning …. does not seem to cross the flight path ??

The place is surrounded by nature … ohh it’s beautiful

The closer to Mostar, get me to see the wonders Neretva river along the way.

Neretva river which retains its natural properties and also serves as a source of energy generation.

The emerald green color is quite beautiful …

Mountains, valleys and rivers ….

The closer to Mostar, the denser the settlement looks.

Safely arrived Mostar around 10am. 3 hours is not only a journey, but also as sightseeing … profit ?? 2 in 1 … heheehe. Such a panoramic train.

Sorry all readers … this entry is a bit jerky. I’m too busy with work in the office … I don’t have time to write. There is only one weekend to write. Here it is … well

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