Thailand (Bangkok) Day 5 – Part 9

Assalamualaikum …

It really took a long time for this Bangkok entry to hang out..isk isk isk. Not wanting to update the blog, but the time is too full of other activities. Because I love my blog … I want to update..hehehe.

Day 5 in Bangkok was our last day. That morning I was very excited because I wanted to appreciate the sunrise view from the room. Our room position on the 17th floor can present a very interesting view of Bangkok City.

As early as 6 in the morning, I’m not wrong this time … I still don’t see the sun

The sun is showing more and more..beautiful when sunrise.

That morning we just hung out in the room. Breakfast from the jer room. Our flight was at night..for the last day we did not really want to do anything. When it comes to the last time to check out..then we go out. After leaving the bag at the hotel … we started shopping. The location we are aiming for is … Pratunam Market. This is where I bought a t-shirt for the kids. And here too I was forced to buy thai silk … haish. I just want to belek-belek jer..once the tokey won’t let me go … until the Thai silk is priced from 2000 baht..he is less until 600 baht. When I think I don’t have a raya shirt I didn’t buy it wrong..hehehehe

After shopping at Pratunam market … we also moved to Pratunam Mall. Fuhh … there are a lot of clothing stores in the mall. Unfortunately..small jer clothes … sad !!! Outside Pratunam Mall there is a halal kebab stall … we had lunch there.

I want it to be easy to move here and there … you can ride these motos … even women know …

Because there is still time left … we also walked to Jim Thompson Museum ni..not far from Ibis Hotel… but tired of walking too … hehehehe. When it feels like the place is not interesting..hahahaha. Luckily there is a jer send us to the main road … hehehe.

Our last day in Bangkok was a bit unattractive … we didn’t have a place to go … so … we decided to go to the airport even though it was still early. In 2 hours we will be at the airport … hehehe.

When I think back, while in Bangkok we used cab many times..driver cabs are all friendly and good. If you are good at speaking, friendly, really chat. Can be categorized as a Bangkok cab driver, more or less a Seoul cab driver … I like it. Driver cab Malaysia ?? Hmmm … I hope the Malaysian cab driver improves in terms of service …. many times I have been hit by a sad Malaysian cab driver.

With this, the story of this Bangkok trip ends … what can be done is..I want to show what I am shopping in Bangkok and also the overall cost 🙂

Spice I bought at the supermarket and also Chaktucak Market. be also the green curry I cook … hehehhee.

FM … 3 pcs 100 Baht


Thai Silk purchased at Pratunam Market

Special for my children … according to dorang’s favorite cartoons 🙂


As usual … lazy to get dizzy choosing a t-shirt … everything is the same jer … hahahahaha

For the overall cost..I will share the next entry ye baibai

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