Thailand (Bangkok) Day 4 – Part 8

Assalamualaikum …

It took me a long time to finish this Bangkok entry … haish. Not that I don’t want to … but I don’t have time. Ok … this time entry for the 4th day in the afternoon. The place we are going to is Baiyoke Sky Hotel. On the top floor of this hotel which is 84th, there is a deck for viewing. It was a very interesting experience. It’s a bit difficult to go to Baiyoke … you have to take a cab or tuk tuk to get there. Mostly tuk tuk drivers will ask 100 Baht. Had to be satisfied with the fare charged because I wanted to try to ride a tuk tuk and I really wanted to see Bangkok City from a high level.

I advise … go in the afternoon … so you can see the view during the day and also at night. Our time is up to this..1 group of Thais are trying to get up with us once …. rimas really look at that shit..haish Let’s look at the photo …

Tickets as much 400 Baht for sale at the entrance of this hotel. Refer this link: Baiyoke
Middle Q wants to take the elevator. Very excited this time … heehehe

This elevator can fit in 10 people if I’m not mistaken. I sat on the side inside the elevator … the elevator has glass walls..can continue to look outside when the elevator goes up … time plague I feel kind of … kind of gayat …. hahahaha. The speed of the elevator.
View outside the elevator when the elevator accelerates up … hehehe … a bit gloomy. Sunset is not visible 🙁
The elevator stopped 79th floor. I was shocked at that time why the elevator stopped until the 7th floor. Apparently the floor had a buffet..need to walk the buffet area to take the elevator in the middle of the building. Defendant looked at the food there …. a lot of seafood and dessert that threatened..gluppp. When the waitress asked there, she said it was not don’t worry … we proceeded to the 83rd floor. Every elevator to go up or down..there is a guard … someone who will press the elevator button for us..maybe taknak visitors confuse. The elevator took us to 83th floor.

Bangkok City … packed with development

Bangkok City by night … On the 83th floor, the picture quality is not good because there is a bias from the glass wall. But do not be disappointed yer … there is another floor that can continue to go out of the building … which is the 84th floor.

The viewing deck provided on the 84th floor really surprised me … it was located on the top floor of the building. 360 degree viewing amazing. The deck is moving … we can sit still while snapping a photo. I’m gay apparently …. hahahaha. The feeling of shivering with such a high condition … around the deck is placed an iron grill for protection from falling. But I’m still scared … really bad..hahahahha.

All pictures here are from my sis’ mobile phone camera. My camera does not produce any clear photos.

The twinkling lights produce a stunning view. The beauty of the city is the result of the wisdom that God gives to human beings.

Before going down … he can buy souvenirs …

Free drinks are also available.
I was satisfied at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel..we were hungry. We are to Nana Restaurant lagi …. hahahaha. Mamat who know how to speak Malay restaurant kat tu dah until we know … hahaha. He always serves us when we eat there. Yela … that’s a place to eat that is easy to go and clean.

I really fall in love with this Thai pad ..

My sis pulak ordered fried rice

Extra fish …. grilled !!!

That night I was restless because I was looking forward to snapping sunrise from the hotel room …. hahaha. That night was our last night in Bangkok. For the next entry I will share our last activity in Bangkok.

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