Thailand (Bangkok) Day 3 – Part 6

Assalamualaikum …

Continuation of entry for day 3 in Bangkok. After a few hours after swallowing panadol … me and my sis decided to find a place to eat. Enjoy eating at Yana Restaurant feeling bored. We decided to go Silom. Want to go to Silom, we are not good … so we asked the customer service BTS station National Station.

We need to stop at BTS station Chit Lom.
When asked jer kat people area shop area Chit Lom That … apparently we need to take a cab. Dahla that time is at 6pm so … time people go back to work. Cab all does not stop because there are already customers. The two of us are nervous … my stomach is churning because I don’t eat at noon. Last-last we agree to ride a motorbike … hahaha. It was a desperate stage at that time. Best jugak naik moto..selit sana-sini..gerun jugak la. It’s too bad. In 5 minutes we reached the Silom area. Actually, I arrived first from my sis … after paying, the mamat on the moto continued to stay, I was stunned. But I’m sure nothing will happen..sure between the two mamats riding the moto they have discussed where we want to live. After all we have henpon … nothing to worry. Alhamdulillah my sis arrived. Apparently the motorcyclist that my sis rode was a Muslim. He pointed to the row of shops in the area, many halal restaurants. 50 baht (alone) is also the fare … hahahaha. Just hit.

The road has a meeting Chili Padi restaurant that we want to eat. I’m not sure if there is a restaurant. We give up … finally we choose to eat at Deen Restaurant.
Small because this restaurant

I order Thai pad and my sis order fried rice. This Thai pad is not as tasty at Yana Restaurant … I ate a little because I didn’t have much appetite. That coffee is the best … lose coffee at the coffee shop: P
After eating … we even held the cab to get everyone back Chit Lom BTS Station. The cab driver we rode was good at speaking English … he was ready to record the best place to eat like..even though we were full..hahaha. He chatted while trying to reach his destination. Suddenly my sis noticed there was a night market on the left side of the road. Pat Pong Night Market is his name. What’s more … we told the cab driver to stop us there. It feels like the cab fare we paid at that time was 40 baht.
It’s really happening at the night market … the night market is in the middle of the row of shoplots. There are about 4 rows of stalls in the night market. Shoplot2 the area has a pub2. If he peeks a little, he can see women in bikinis hanging out on stage … Astagfirullahaladzim.
Being good at bargaining at this night market is indeed an advantage. My sis is good at bidding … I don’t care … hehehehe. I bought a t-shirt with these pants for the boys. For the man I bought a picture of Ben 10. 2 pairs of this shirt I bought at a price 450 baht. The fabric is indeed quality

These lights are beautiful … my sis snapped from the phone

T-shirts are priced around 200 baht up..a little expensive.

I can buy a Burberry brand-style shawl at a price 150 baht. The quality of the fabric is not hairy and soft

Bought a LV slingbag … aduhhh. I do not know the price 1000 Baht is worth it or not because I really like the design … hahahaha
The shopping activity is over … heheheh
This night market location is next door Chit Lom BTS station jer yeee. After that, I got tired of shopping a bit … we also went up the BTS straight to Siam. I am from Malaysia and I really want to eat dessert at a cafe Siam Paragon. My sis agrees because we are hungry again because there are many roads. Easy to come here because Siam Paragon is a link with Siam skybrige BTS station.
Enter because Siam Paragon..keep seeing this macaroon. Apparently the macaroon was flown from Paris..isk isk isk. Everyone has heard Laduree kan..haaa..yang tulah. Excited he wants to buy … once asked the price..5 pcs 1000 baht..gluuppp … fainted. So I forgot because of that intention..hahahaha

The cafe I really want to go to is on the ground floor. Apparently this ground floor is just for the restaurant jer..fuhhh … there are a lot of people

In fact, we are like giving up looking for After You Dessert Cafe ni … but good luck meeting. When I met … mak aii … many customers waited for their turn to sit down. Meja full !!! Ready to get another number … fuh. But don’t worry..not long … while waiting for the turn, he can go through the menu. Confuse to choose which one … aduhhh !!

Lots of branches apparently.
It doesn’t seem appropriate to order sweet water to eat dessert, right … there is a counter to take a free drink. I don’t know why at that time I was very thirsty..many times my sis took water there again. When I have a fever … my sis is still serving water..sorry … hahahha. The water tastes like a little can put sugar water if you want sweet. I prefer not to put sugar ….

Taraaa … I don’t know what the name of this menu is..this bread roll is thick … it really doesn’t run out
As my sis order always the best … rugi tak order pancake topping lain jenis … terbaik sangat pancake ni. That little container is cream cheese.

Then I was full..we hung out in the room while serving the night view from the room. That night I just got an idea of ​​how to snap from the window and did not see our shadow. The trick is to turn off the room here is the result. I will share the sunrise view later..hehehe.
For the next entry..I will share my experience at Chathuchak Market.

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