Thailand (Bangkok) Day 2 – Part 4

Assalamualaikum …

Entry for day 2 again. Within an hour’s drive from Ayutthaya we arrived in Bangkok. That time was not my fault at 2pm like that. Jammed is not a bad game to get into the heart of Bangkok. When on the way to go Farida Fatornee That, we can see the position of the shopping complex in Bangkok … it turns out that everything is very close. There are several shopping complexes connected to the sky bridge to make it easier for people to get in and out.

Until Farida’s restaurant, we continued to order hot food. There are also various side dishes. The best thing to eat here, the husband of the tokey restorant (I think Farida is the tokey restorant) is friendly. Both husband and wife can say ni Kelantan Malay slang. We chose to eatmixed vegetables and fried sea bass ala apa ntah..lupa pulak. Both of our side dishes are delicious. Satisfied to eat. The delicious comment is from my sis because my sense of taste towards food is gone … sad !!!

This vegetable when chewed crispy jer

We finished eating two people … hahaha

Let’s eat 🙂

During the time we waited for the food to arrive and also enjoyed the food, this Samart came to serve the customers in the restaurant. He acted like a tokey of that shop … hahahahha. Wink ambik order … wink lift the dishes to the kitchen. Pass on this one Malay family chatted among dorang that Samart this restaurant Okey tu..hahahha child. After settling, he served all customers. It looks like he is very familiar with the owner of the restaurant.

Then Samart showed a watsup message from a Malaysian. She does not want to read the Malay language reti and my sis pulak so translator..hahaha. Ready my sis type message. Apparently there is a doctor who wants to use this tour service from Samart.

After Samart sent us to the hotel, I swallowed panadol and continued to faint until the evening. Waking up from tido, I continue to take a cold shower to reduce body heat. Due to the strong desire to go for a walk, I also braved myself. I said to my sis, I want to eat dessert Mango Tango @ Siam Square, Soi 5. I only have such an address jer … Siam Square, Soi 5 … hahaha.

Before starting the search, take a picture first..hehehe. This is the look of the sky bridge that connects the BTS and some. shopping complex.

Jammed. Please note, the left and right lanes are not 1 way.

The building on the left where we often eat and on the right is where we live all the time in Bangkok.

I imagine Mango Tango is inside the complex, but not apparently. Thanks to the services of Thai school children, we finally found Mango Tango … yeeee !!! See ?? This cafe is just in the cabin jer..hhaaha. There are two renovated cabins. One for the kitchen and another for the dining area.

I knew about Mango Tango when I searched from google to find mango glutinous rice … I forgot what blog I was referring to. According to the author of the blog, this place is always full of people who have a Q. We got good service from the waitress cafe..she recommended the menu she showed me … I continue to agree..hehehe

Need to order and pay first ye … mang can also be dried.

We got the best table. While eating can see passers-by.

Zoom skit …. glupppp. My comment … it is very tasty, especially glutinous rice when eaten with mango. Tapiiiiii …. alahai … it’s a little very glutinous. I am not satisfied with eating. Everything on this plate is based on mango. After eating that ice cream … kong kong kong la I stayed all night..because my throat is sore again adding to the pain … very bad … hahahha

My sis ordered this one.

I like the concept of camni cafe …. unique and interesting. Can google to know how to get here.

Then, we decided to visit a famous shopping complex with each floor shopping complex themed on major cities in the world. The name of the shopping complex is Terminal 21. 1st time for us to use BTS service. It’s nice to understand the concept of BTS. This BTS system is like riding an underground tube in London. It is very easy to get there because we are close to the Siamese BTS station, without having to change trains we continue down to the station Asoke / Sukhumvit. Get off the train, continue to enter Terminal 21. Very easy. The hard part is, be prepared to climb or go down the stairs. Because this station is layered. Escalator is less ye !!!

This is a London themed floor. Coming here is not interested in shopping, but more interested in seeing the theme decoration of cities around the world … hahaha

This is the path to the toilet … there is an underground tube in the hallway to this toilet … hehehe.

This is like an underground station anyway … hehehe … in the toilet too, all the toilet cubicles have this underground tube map drawing … it’s really interesting 🙂

Bersumo in the middle of a shopping complex..hahahha – at Level Tokyo

Turkish-style floor pulak … I am most interested in this ceiling light … interesting …

Golden Gate Bridge It is located across the middle of Terminal 21. Floor is a plaque ala-ala San Francisco la.

Unique really cafe ala-ala in this train … it depends on that … creative tul people who design all this

After getting tired of exploring Terminal 21, we returned to the area National Stadium for dinner. The choice of restaurants to enjoy is great Yana Restaurant again. This time we ordered a personal dish jer, let’s see what we ate.

I ordered prawn fried rice … it didn’t taste good.

My sis order pad thai … very tasty. I will finish it when my sis is no longer hungry … the fried rice continues to be set aside.

This mango kerabu aduhaiii … very sour … I can only eat jer peanuts …

Ok everyone, come here first ye … for day 3 I will share the experience of Bangkok dizziness.

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