Thailand (Ayutthaya) Day 2 – Part 3

Assalamualaikum …

The sore throat medicine given by Samart was not effective at all..I finished the box and told him to give me another box with lemon pulak flavor. When drinking water, the throat feels very sore. When we get to Ayutthaya, we will not feel very excited because the reason we will visit is a wat or Buddhist temple that was built long ago.

This photo was taken when arriving in the city of Ayatthuya

one of the street lights installed throughout the city of Ayutthaya

Our first wat visit wasThanon Si Sanphet. To get to the wat, we went through a small market. And coincidentally, at a stall selling Thai snacks, we came across Malaysians. Kak ni namanya kak K. Excited betul kak K jumpa kami. We have a long chat..hahaha. Ready to sit down to eat the supplies we brought, namely bread and anchovy sauce. Eat a little jer side chat jer a lot … hahaha. Kak K is doing tour service while doing business. But he has a lot of tour service for mat salleh. Ready to tell us to come again the next day because the wat area will have an interesting show. Business friend he org thai offer to take us for a walk tomorrow. We just said that we did not promise because there are other places we need to hit. After leaving the items at brother K’s stall, we started exploring the place.

Let’s see what is sold there.

Kak K said the two types of food combined are eaten together … he said this food is like ketayap cake.

Various types of food..there are also some Muslim stalls

Pretty right?

There are a lot of dogs in this area. Really amused to see from birth without taking a bath. The weather is sunny..but it is very hot..with the wind carrying various dust. I feel dizzy with that situation. Until the wat area we decided not to enter..just want to snap a photo from outside jer. I shared the idea with my sis, because there is a monopod snap jerlah from outside. The walls are not very high. I saw mat salleh all the pacts snap from the outside. So, below is the result. Everything is a photo from my sis’ phone. Quality photo from Xperia Z3 is the best.

See ?? Monopods can reach rock height. Save entrance fee 50 Baht / person..hehehehe.

I said to my’s very hot when I come in..I can’t stand it. In this wat not directly the shady area.The roads along the stone walls also have trees that make the situation dim.My fever is getting worse … the traces of the ground are like the sky. My sis is very interested in exploring this place … due to my condition, she had to forget that intention … her pity.

Soon we moved back to K’s booth. After shaking hands, we went back to look for Samart. Samart took us to the last place in was also wat. It’s boring to visit this wat-wat. For the 2nd wat, we decided to enter. Must pay 50 Baht / person.

It can be said that all wat is camni-shaped

Me with headless statues

I bgtau my sis… up here la la king used to sit pastu people of the people at the bottom… nod nod understand apun hahaha..just wear him. I also do not know what the function of this high place. There are people climbing up to the top..when they want to go down and down because the stairs are a bit steep..hahaha.

Actually we invited Samart to another place, but he said the 2 places he brought were among the most interesting. I don’t know if he’s lazy or not. We did not study exactly what else is interesting about Ayutthaya. It feels like if the drive itself is happy to go anywhere we like.

End our trip to Lopburi and Ayutthaya for that day. Before Samart sent us to the hotel, we asked him to take us to eat first. Next entry I will share what we ate for lunch and also our activity to explore shopping complex in Bangkok after I tido 2 hours … hahahha.

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