Scandinavian Trips (Norway – Flam) Part 5

Assalamualaikum …

It is not worth leaving the article entry Norway in a Nutshell delayed for a long time, so let’s continue to follow the next story.

The long-awaited cruise arrived at Gudvangen. This cruise worker did not check our booking and also the group from Korea. This cruise has 2 levels. We chose the ground floor jer and sat in the front once. On this cruise there is a cafe.

If you take the bus from Bergen ke Gudvangen I didn’t even have time to lean on the seat..what happens when I go on a cruise ?? Hmmm … I rarely sit uols..hahahah. It is not certain the direction will be. Throughout the trip is presented with a pretty impressive view. Is that a fjord? Below is the info I got from the internet:

“A fjord is formed when a glacier retreats, after carving its typical U-shaped valley, and the sea fills the resulting valley floor. This forms a narrow, steep sided inlet (sometimes deeper than 1300 meters) connected to the sea.”

Not many people go out to take pictures on the outside of this cruise. The situation outside is really cold. The coldness seemed to sit in the water full of ice..hahaha. That is the assumption I can give. If it takes too long outside, sure the brain can freeze … even my assumption again..hehehe.

Very comfortable cruise interior.

From a distance, the space that the cruise will pass is very narrow …

The closer..this is the situation ..

Actually it is not narrow at all … the shape of this path that is not straight makes the path look narrow

My sis really can’t afford to survive in that cold situation..sometimes she has to go out to snap my photo..sorry for her..hehehe. I, on the other hand, blinked out..winked in..many times too..when I couldn’t stand it I went back in to get hot heat.


The great creation of Allah SWT !!! Although the photo I snapped is not comparable to the photo snapped by the photographers, but I still like the photo I snapped … hehehe.

This is the best moment to me !!!

It looks like houses on the mountain do the people here want to go anywhere ??

I snapped this photo using a compact camera..I like to see the’s a bit sharp even though I zoom. Other pictures mostly use mobile phones … suddenly feel sorry because I rarely use the camera

Snow at the top of the mountain. The feeling of this time seems to be unbelievable I witnessed all this with my own eyes and not from the tv screen. And the weather … thank God it gives us a chance to see the earth of Your creation with very good weather..not revealed with words of beauty of Your creation..O Allah !!!

When I want to get closer to our stop, that is Flam, seems to be growing settlements. What is the best thing about the people here, the days of waking up can see the view of the mountains and rivers … as health therapists say.

The fjord route ends here apparently. This is the end of the river..ohhh..just found out.

Hi Flam..every day we finally beautiful village !!!

Cruises are getting closer to the port Flam

Mall of Flam behind me…

This visitor center has closed our time until..all the shops are all closed, I am not wrong this time at 7pm like that. We are very hungry this time.

Mall of Flam which is quiet

We walked towards the booked hostel … not far..2-3 minutes walk jer.

From Mall of Flam..we cross the river

Taraaa … it’s here Flam Hostel. Pondok kecik is the reception of this hostel and also the grocery store. We reached the ngam-ngam he wanted to close.

Hostel area..I already aimed for that bike for our activity the next day … hehehe

When everything is ready to pay..we are given an access card and also a bed sheet. We need to install our own bed sheet yerr … let’s look at our room. 1st experience to me..rasa excited pulak …. hehehe.

Our room is very comfortable … I like this hostel furniture … Ikea furniture.

Bed … this time I have not installed the bed sheet.

View next door too …

Bathroom and toilet are separated. We are very satisfied with the condition of our room. Clean and very comfortable. We will stay for 2 nites.

View from the room window.

Without delay, we removed all the cooking utensils. Hungry giler dah time tu. The kitchen at this hostel can be used anytime. This kitchen is very clean and tidy. Time we want to prepare the food..there are some mats and minah salleh gotong-royong cooking. There was a commotion when the dock was cooked..there were 10 people like that. We just want to cook rice jer..want to eat with anchovy sauce ..

Time we can eat … mat ngan minah salleh tu still not ready to cook..hahaha. The aroma of hot rice from our rice cooker makes everyone look at it. It must be weird..we just sat at the table..the rice cooked and smelled good..hahahha.

When we were full, we went out to visit the area around the hostel. I did not think it was right at that time we stayed where the mountains were around us. It’s amazing … between the crevices of the mountain tops, there is also a waterfall that is not that big..maybe waterfall resulting from melted snow. Although the time shifted to 8pm more, the atmosphere seemed to be at 6pm so.

Around the hostel

The red clouds are increasingly visible at 9pm

The view that I snapped from the window of the room … a feeling that is difficult to express right now. Quiet, calm, safe and peaceful.

That night I kept looking out the window..even though it was 11pm the sky was still clear. It feels like when it’s 12 midnight and above, then the atmosphere is really dark. Can’t wait for tomorrow to explore Flam. Ok, guys … let’s check-out what we do the next day in this tiny village,Flam.


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