Scandinavian Trips (Norway – Bergen) Part 2

Assalamualaikum ….

Day 2 in Bergen, Norway.

Can’t wait to explore Bergen with my condition, it’s really fresh and energetic..hehehe. We have 1 full day to explore Bergen. For the next day we will go to another place. I wear clothes that can withstand the cold. Seriously, Bergen is very cold. Immediately not like spring..totally like winter.

At Scandic Neptune it is the only hotel we can have free breakfast throughout the trip. Indeed, I will not miss the opportunity to eat a variety of bread..hahaha.

How much to eat in pairs ?? Actually, I want to keep a little in my handbag..hehehe.

When I want to get out of the’s raining outside. The cold gripped up to the bone. That time is already 9am. If we wait for the rain to stop, it is like a waste of time. I tried to walk in the rain..ohh..drops jer. So we redah jer lah. After all, the attraction places are around the hotel because they are all walking distance. I really like to see the bright blue sky in the country of the people. The blue is different from the sky blue in Malaysia. I pray that there will be an opportunity to see the blue sky for that day.

The first place we went to was Bryggen. Feeling very excited when looking at the fun view before coming to look from the internet jer. Let’s serve a photo …

Despite the drizzle, the cold really can’t stand it..he perseveres and walks.

This building is not far from our hotel, the bottom is the fish market..the top is tourist information.

Many have not opened this time even though it is already 9.30am

I like to see this atmosphere..while walking to Bryggen while snapping a view of any interesting..every corner of Bergen attracts my heart.

Time really can’t stand the cold..then look for hot heat in the souvenir shop in the old building (including in UNESCO’s World Heritage List) behind me while buying souvenirs

There are many souvenirs that the price can not afford … hehehe.

42 NOK for one RM20 more. Able to buy for yourself and mom 🙂

The door of this souvenir shop is sloping because I want to follow the slope of this building..hahaha. This souvenir shop is not only in the front of this row of old buildings..but also in the gaps between the edges / aisles between buildings..let’s look down

This old building is totally made of wood … ohh..just found out

There is a witch-like house in the gap between the old buildings.

When it penetrates to the back of the old building … you can see this view.

Then I said to my sis..let’s walk in a few minutes from our Bryggen to a place I don’t even know what. I came across time street view from google map … hahaha. I want to go because I want to take a picture of je and near jer from where we are

This is the place I said that..I don’t know what place..just like to see the design here which is full of rocks..unique.

Really big lumps of stone made of the wall..the window is’s cute..hehe

The area where I don’t know what it is is a small’s kind of normal in Bergen..the tree hasn’t really left its leaves even though it’s spring.

This flower must be beautiful when it blooms.

Daffodil …

View not far from the park.

I was shocked to see this row of trees..whoever was on standby wanted to take a sis was the photographer … in the middle of the shocks posing..suddenly..kelepappp..I panicked when my sis’ jacket was full of bird droppings. Not a little tau … a lot jer..hahaha. I don’t know if I want to feel sorry for that time..hahaha. Saturated pulak lak wipe with wet tissue to remove bird droppings tu..hahaha. What’s more..we rushed back to the hotel. Good luck hotel near jer..hahaha.

On the way to walk back..then the weather turned bright..the bright blue sky showed its appearance. The dark clouds turned white like heart was happy.

Wait for the next entry to read our next activity …..

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