On a Sunday in Kuala Lumpur

Assalamualaikum …

This hand is really itchy to type..hehehe. Not that there is anything to share … play merapu share wat people waste jer right. Want to share travel, lom everywhere else so far … just another week or two to explore 2-3 countries. Mintak-mintak lah mampu..hehehe. The dream of traveling time snow is still unattainable … I want to play snow in India, my sis seems hesitant because..hahahaha. Hopefully at the end of this year there will be a chance … hehehehe.

One day my sis invited me to eat mee tarik Warisan KL area..everyone kept on jerlah because I never tried. I have to go back to that time just after a good fever..as long as the fever is not eaten..when it is good, I really want to eat various things. Mee Tarik Warisan Restaurant is located in Dang Wangi.

Didn’t notice the gaping look at this sucker while pulling the flour until it could be noodles … hahahahha. Still wondering cmner by hand can produce noodles even if you look many times … hmmm..When someone orders, only the noodles will be pulled..Let’s see what we eat …

My sis ordered mee tarik without soup..I can imagine cmner mee ni is cooked..start fried potatoes until crisp … must put water and meat..then benggala chili and onion. Slightly seasoned with chili, salt and sugar. The fries really give flavor in this noodle …. it is delicious. Portion pulak kind for 2 people … a lot. The price is in the range of RM7-10 if I’m not mistaken. Texture mee ni macam mee maggie. If you look … the shape of this noodle is uneven..some are skinny … and some are fat

With a sore throat and cough..can you order noodles with this spicy soup … hahahhaha. It’s really spicy … as if this soup only uses chili powder … fuhh. Last-last I give up and continue to share eating noodles pull my sis … hahahaha.

After that, I was full … a quick shopping at Sogo. The time to travel is near..there must be something to buy..after shopping, I took my sis to the butterfly garden. Entrance fee just RM10 for Malaysian. This place is the best place to experience nature. There are many butterflies, but they are fun to fly high. Nganga jerlah tengok … haahahaha. There are also those that land on the leaves … can he snap a little.
What I like most about this place is..the greenery of the plants..fresh and the artificial waterfall that looks like real. With the heat, it is best for him to sit there.

I’m kind of amused by insects..hahaha. Supposedly I want to appreciate the beauty of the butterfly garden … when the butterfly dock flies at me..it’s funny … hahahah. Eeiiiii. Let’s look at the picture 🙂

The roar of the mini waterfall creates a forest atmosphere ..

Among the butterflies I managed to snap

Behind the banana leaves

Perch on the fern

Various trees are planted here.

Butterflies suck honey
Get here first because everyone … well !!!

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