Europe Trip – (Hungry- Budapest) Part 2


Continuation of our story in Budapest. After a break, we moved to see the sunset. Meanwhile, we asked about the river aii … at 9pm I just had a cruise. We already know that the night must be very cold gripping .. can not afford it we want to hold. Eventually we had to bury the hope of a cruise downhill Danube River. I once saw a documentary river cruise on Budapest This … is a very beautiful building that is flooded with lights along the Danube River. I really want to experience..hmmm. Takpe lah..bebila gi Melaka naik cruise Sungai Melaka tu … hahaha.

We walked towards Parliament while going down Danube River. Best jer feel the afternoon walk kat Budapest..although the view is just a building, due to the new atmosphere for us..everything looks best. But if you serve the same view for days..I don’t feel pape anymore..hehehehe. For example, like me, first sitting in a new house … the days of watching the sunset view while watching the plane landing from the window of the house..this has been a year in front of the same view … I don’t feel anything..hahaha. But there was a time when the red red sunset lit up..indeed, I served the view until the red red color disappeared from the sky. Eh … run the title

I was weird when he saw these people gathered for what..I went near again
Lahhh..what shoes are littered here ??? just sis once told the story behind this shoe story. It looks like a normal shoe cam … actually made of this metal. Stuck firmly on this floor. It seems like this is a memorial for 1 story. This story takes place during World War II. Thousands of people were shot here. Can be read from the internet yerr

I saw the we went to Parliament. Pretty right this Parliament building. Before this look from we see from Pest pulak..means look closely.

Zoom a Parliament This building is like the Parliament building in London

The edge
The back side of the pulak.

Statue the best Hungarian poets. Maybe Danube River This inspired him to write, that’s why his statue was built here. We did not stay in this area for a long time because we could not stand the cold. I want to wait for the sun to disappear as if I can’t stand it. So, we left.

When I want to get close to the apartment area where we stay, I have the opportunity to snap this sunset … this atmosphere is really calm.

The twilight light made this building golden

The sun is disappearing..the remnants of the resulting light are quite captivating.

Last photo before we left Danube River.

We didn’t have any dinner that night. Still full with lunch at the Tractor restaurant. As usual, if you don’t have anything to do … my sis will make expenses record and after a little IG update..then watch the movie..hehehe.

We have been exploring all day Buda and Pest..tomorrow we will explore a little far from our apartment stay. We still have 1 full day left to explore Budapest… 2 days full is more than enough if you go Budapest ni.

This entry is not very long … wait for the next entry … a little longer ..

Bai …..

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