Europe Trip – (Austria – Salzburg) Part 1

Assalamualaikum …

The story is over Munich, Germany. Now I want to tell the story Salzburg, Austria. It’s like I’m used to it … I’ve never heard of a place name Salzburg… hahahahah. Is it bad ?? Our main goal to Salzburg This is to go to Hallstatt which is a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and lakes. Stay tuned for the next story for a place called Hallstatt tu ye.

We arrived at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof around 4pm so. The hotel that my sis booked was not far from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. We just walked in less than 5 minutes. I was hungry at that time. My motive when I get to the room … I want to cook water for milo and eat the supplies we bought at Munich.

The lobby is really big A&O Hostel Salzburg. We should just stay at A&O Hostel Salzburg for 2 nights. Somehow I think I want to stay a little longer..I request my sis to add another night then reduce 1 night at the hotel Vienna. My sis agree.
Library is also provided … I’m not sure if the kitchen is there because I just cooked in the room.
I am satisfied with the condition of this room..expensive. We were given a room that can accommodate 4 people.
Want to eat comfortably because there are tables and chairs.
Ok … time to eat. Mee pull me to buy it is not soggy either … chewy as usual..just cool arr ..

After a short break, we went out to go Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. For info, it is difficult to find a grocery store if you stay near the Hauptbahnhof. Especially in Munich or Salzburg. If you want to buy bread, fruit or vegetables … please go to Hauptbahnhof .. there are all kinds for sale.

This timetable is provided by the hostel..maybe tak larat dah nak jawab guess dok tanya macam mana nak ke Hallstatt..hehehe

Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. This time I’m not wrong, it’s only 6pm.

Adjacent mall Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
Shopping results inside the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. I bought two packs of Lavazza coffee..1 new pack for 5 euros. It’s cheap.
That night we were a bit disturbed because the next room was noisy. From the voices we the voices of Korean boys or from China..right angry !!!

The day to explore Salzburg begins. We opted for a walk in Salzburg first then only tomorrow Hallstatt. My sis said let me go to Hallsatt tomorrow because my birthday on Feb 6 is tomorrow..hehehehe. Camgituuu …

As long as we are in Salzburg … there will be no snow … maybe this snow is snow that fell maybe 1-2 days ago.

Before starting exploration..stop first Salzburg Hauptbahnhof to buy this 24 hours day pass. Find a name store Traffic Tabak… near the cashier he said he wanted a 24 hour ticket. This ticket can be used around Salzburg. If you take the first bus later..please validate the machine in the bus.

I am quite clear with the interesting places in Salzburg because I study more about this place than the others. Time study tupun hati I have started to be captivated by this city. Not to mention when it arrives..very peaceful place. Continue reading guys ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the first place we stopped when we got on the bus …Mirabell Palace. Hohensalzburg Fortress The nun at the top of the hill called us to go there.
We took a quick picture of the area Mirabell Palace garden ni.
Ehh..don’t think I’m floating in the air ye..hehehe … this is a picture that decorates the floor Mirabell Palace ni.

We walked in footsteps. I guess the direction we went can lead to the old town. Happy to explore Salzburg ni..jadikan Hohensalzburg Fortress nun at the top of the hill is a sign to go to the Old Town.

Hey all ๐Ÿ™‚

Admired betul design cafe gini..i want one

The road has a road … reach us at this narrow bridge. There are several bridges to cross Salzach River ni. Old Town is ha across from there.

Lovely weather ..

There are all kinds of posing styles near here..hahahaha

Let’s go to the other side. The legs cross the time cross bridge … hahahhaha. At that time, my sis also wanted to tell her to snap a photo..hahaha.
The people of Salzburg say this is where Mozart was born ..

There are many souvenir shops in this old town area. Souvenir camgini cost around 7-8 Euro. If the fridge magnet costs around 3-5 Euro

Attraction in Sazburg can be said by walking because it can cover all places.

Because we have been walking a lot..the stomach has started to ask to be filled. My sis used to call Nordsee before reaching Salzburg again..finally we arrived here. This seafood restaurant is just next to Mozart’s house ..

Taraaa Mozart house … he won’t be home..he died a long time ago. Mozart’s house is not important..the important thing is Nordsee..let’s go in.
Random eyes want to choose seafood here. Oh ye..not allowed to snap a photo tau..I had a chance to snap this jer.

My sis said..take what you want to eat. Don’t worry about the price..he said the expert is the one who wants to adjust the budget later …. hahahha.

Satisfied to eat here..let me introduce the seafood we ordered. My salmon is a bit cooked with cheese then under the salmon there is tastes delicious..hehehe. Baby potato next to salmon also tastes really good. Grilled lobster with rice is delicious..and the last menu is mixed seafood cooked with dill. When you are full, your eyes start to get coffee is the savior.

When out of Nordsee..we go through Getreidegasse. This best place is the classic.

In a row of buildings in Getreidegasse, there are some small alleys like this … interesting

The classic signboards.

We walked looking for a funicular to get to Hohensalzburg Fortress. There is a tragic thing about looking for that funicular station. We entered the sourvenir shop in this area because we wanted to ask Camner to find the funicular. I first went into the store and my sis followed behind. The one who appeared in the shop was a dog as high as my waist. Position him just a few feet away from me. My sis spontaneously ran out without looking back … hahaha. Shivering I ran out .. did not dare to look back because I thought the dog came out once. Thankfully I managed to close the door of the shop and he did not have time to go out … adoiii like I want to break my heart … hahahah.

Luckily there was this person past the area and we asked for directions to the funicular. And it just so happens that he wants to go in the same direction … we just follow him. Another half way he just told me to enter the grave area then the funicular station was just next to the jer grave. Without thinking, our pape went into the grave with this tourist … he also happened to want to go to the same place. 1st time in my life masuk kubur christian..haahaha.

Ok I got a ticket..let’s go up.’s less than a minute until it reaches the top..heeheheh. If you want to climb for free … climb the stairs yeee. This castle inside is not interesting at all … what is interesting … the view that can be seen from above this castle … let’s take a photo
Come out because the funicular continues to see this view … this time it’s wow-wow … actually the more wow there is more fit..hehehe

This is the most wow view on this castle. The fog at the foot of the hill is quite charming …

This time the sun is shining brightly..the cold feeling disappears.
Realy enjoy the view ๐Ÿ™‚
These are the buildings found in Hohensalzburg Fortress which we see from below. There is nothing wrong with me here, there is a museum and also a church
From above you can see the places we have been treading all day … hehehehe.
When we came down from the castle..we decided to have afternoon tea and dinner at Mozart Cafe. People say Autstria must try apple strudel
That Apple strudel is a bit disappointing … sick. The hill is the Salzburger Nockerl. Supposedly this dessert represents 3 mountains in Salzburg … ehh..something the mountain I saw from Hohensalzburg Fortres could be this..hehehe. This dessert is made from egg whites and inside there are cranberries. So it can be a bit like cmner right.

Coincidentally, Nordsee is not far from Mozart Cafe … we stopped there again for seafood tapau. Not that I want to eat that day..but I want to make supplies tomorrow when I go to Hallstatt. We moved back to the hostel..1 full day we took a walk in Salzburg. It tastes more than enough.

Wanting to take a picture on the bridge is not over yet because I am too tired.

For the next entry … I want to share the story of a beautiful and beautiful village.

See yaaa … baii

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