Dessert @ Rimba & Rusa (Kota Damansara)

Assalamualaikum ..

Hi everyone..this time I want to share the best dessert place to eat. The restaurant is called Rimba dan Rusa. 1 pm recently felt really want to eat bread pudding. He tried to enter this Rimba dan Rusa restaurant. Tup-tup is not just bread pudding, even with mango glutinous rice. It is the best. Look at the price … swallow a few times. Once my sis said she was smooth..hah what are you waiting for..keep nodding son !!! Ahahhaha.

This bread pudding is very tasty. If a person eats, he can be full without ordering any main course. Maybe I kut..other people must have a main course once kut … hehehe. Vanilla sauce is not sick. Drink black coffee’s a good combination !!!

Gluppp … I’m not mistaken, this bread pudding is priced at RM18 – RM20

Mango glutinous rice is also very little. It’s very tasty, a little too. Please be sweet. In 3-4 tablespoons..I’m done..hahahha. This price is not my fault in RM10. There are a few more desserts that I have not time.

Jungle & Deer

Ground Floor, Sunway Nexis,

Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Open Tues-Sun, 8 am-11pm (Fri, starts later at 4pm)

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