Balkan Trip – (Bosnia and Herzegovina – Blagaj & Počitelj) Part 3

Assalamualaikum ….

Once we arrived at Mostar train station, we continued walking towards our hotel in Villa Park. If you look at the google map, in 500m you can reach. Unfortunately the internet Flexiroam takde coverage di Bosnia. We are a bit jer because our direction is right because before this we search google map, Neretva river on the right..then just walk straight jer. The road we passed was full of 2 storeys left and right. The road along the road is suitable for a passing car. The walkway is small because … it’s a bit painful to pull luggage. Occasionally I have to go down to the road because the footpath is careful with the car. During the walk we found a lot of accommodation using ‘room …..’ .. for example Room ABC. It feels like a house converted into accommodation. Villa Park It’s the same way.

When we walked until we were a little tired, we asked people where they were Villa Park. Luckily I have a folder Villa Park in my mobile phone. Alhamdulillah we arrived at Villa Park. The first panic when you see the gate locked. The second panic when looking at the door away from the gate and closed … how to knock. The second panic ended when I found an intercom machine. The second panic came back when the intercom was not answered. My sis tried to call using a mobile phone, no one answered … the third panic came. Isk how is this … we need to move without luggage. Luggage must stay on Villa Park!!! Alhamdulillah, a pump appeared from the back of the 3-storey building. All panic is over … hahahahaha.

The woman handed him a piece of paper. Apparently he can’t speak English. Owner Villa Park You are ready to write a note for us. From the note left by the owner, we can just leave the bag and check-in at 1.30pm. It really doesn’t matter because we have a place to go after that. After leaving the luggage, we continued to move to the taxi station. Not far from Villa Park, less than a minute walk has arrived.

Our goal at that time was to rent a cab for 2-3 hours. There is a bit of a language problem between us and the cab driver. Luckily there are employees who take care of the parking time. He is the intermediary between us and the cab driver. I want the driver to give the lump sum price for the two places we want to go, but … he wants to follow the meter. It’s sad too, right? If you follow the meter, I don’t know how much it will cost later. Then he has to wait for us again. My sis cool jer..dia confident the price will not soar high. So, I follow my sis’ decision.

The cab we took was a Mercedes. The driver is an uncle around 50 – 60s. Along the way my eyes look at the view once in a while look at the walking meter … hahahaha. The suspect also saw the meter running fast. The first place we went to was Blagaj Tekija. When you reach Mostar, you must go Blagaj Tekija. what Bagaj Tekija ni? for more details, you can click this website Blagaj (if you want to say …. say Blagai) is not far from Mostar, in 10 minutes it has arrived. The view along the way is not very interesting.

See this small building? near here you have to buy an entrance ticket. Ticket prices are 4 BAM.

Need to go through my back door to see something special. We will go through the souvenir shop first before reaching that special place. Uncle Cab came with us..sometimes he offered a snap photo of the two of us.

Taraaa … this is that special place. Below the cave is where the water source originated Buna river or Buna Spring. The situation here is very peaceful. The source of the water coming out of this cave is fast even though it looks calm. The emerald green of the river water is very beautiful.

This time we are both with uncle cab jer … winter is not crowded. On the other side of the river there is a restaurant, my stomach is hungry … we went to the other side.

The river water flow is fast here. I snapped this time cross bridge to go to the restaurant. The bridge we crossed was not very big, but there was a railing. When I see water flowing at this speed, I am afraid it will fall … hahahaha.

Look at the color of the water … Subhanallah … your creation is really beautiful O Allah. Thank you for giving your servant this opportunity to enjoy this beauty.

That is the bridge we cross to the other side … the railing bridge is made of fine iron jer. Our fate is a bit unfortunate. Intention to eat buried trout grout fish. All restaurants are closed. Uncle Cab who can speak a little can say, he will take you to the best restaurant.

Bai bai Blagaj… I really enjoy being here. Directly do not check the mind with the public. Aman damai betul … rasa tak nak balik … hahaha. The roar of the river water is very immersive..the color of the water is amazing. The world is so beautiful !!!!

Our exploration is over Blagai. Then it’s time to go Počitelj (with the name pocitelai). I really want to go Počitelj ni. I’ve seen it on Youtube. I really want to see with my own eyes. Distance from Blagaj ke Počitelj around half an hour. It really saddens me to see the meter running.

Until then Počitelj, uncle cab continues to park in front of a restaurant. And the restaurant is right at the foot of the hill where we will explore. My uncle enjoyed “good restaurant” again. We entered the restaurant with apprehension. After being convinced by the owner of the restaurant that the place is halal, then we ordered. My heart wants to taste the trout fish that we could not eat at that time Blagaj That, unfortunately no fish is served. Let’s see what we order.

I ordered this delicious grilled chicken. This chicken is completely marinated. I’m not sure what herbs are tastes really good. Gluuppp … opppss swallowed saliva pulak..hehehe

My sis also ordered omelette … she also likes the menu I ordered.

This ribbon bread is given free.

In a restaurant that is not that big, not many people. Uncle cab gi chat with other customers … I know. This uncle doesn’t seem to want to take the opportunity for us to spend on him.

Ok … stomach and has recharged..time is hiking … hahahah. My sis panic look at the height we will climb …. hahaha. He also followed the reason he did not want me to ride alone. Oh ye …Počitelj This used to be an old fort.

It is not difficult to climb because such stone stairwells are provided. The higher up, the narrower the path and the step-by-step distance is quite high.

The paths, walls and walls of the house are all made of stone. If in construction, the combination of stone and motor will be a rubble wall.

Masjid Sisman Ibrahim Pasina dzamija… this mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia.

This photo was taken near the mosque

The atmosphere is cloudy but not rainy..even cold can withstand. The atmosphere is very quiet, occasionally the sound of vehicles passing by on the road. Oh yeah, Počitelj right by the roadside. I climbed the stairs with sharp rocks because I wanted to see Neretva river more clearly.

The condition of the houses on the hillside is unique. Although it looks like no one, sometimes there is also the sound of water pouring and the sound of people in the house.

Who has the opportunity to Mostar, please come here. Feel the difference in your feelings here.

This is the view that I really want to see … how beautiful this view is. Actually we have not reached the top yet. I said to my sis, the point here is because lah..the upper tower is kind of haunted … hahahaha. Later, the two people were interrupted … hahaaha. After all, the stairs are getting higher step by step..I can’t afford to climb to the top even though it’s not far
Another side of Počitelj…. thinking the cab meter is running, we left this place full of meaning.

The fort at the top of the hill can be seen because … hahahha. If people are quite crowded, maybe we have reached the top. Anything grateful for the opportunity given.

Uncle Cab sent us to the same place we went up. Luckily there are no additional charges from him. For 3 hours of cab rental, we have to pay 120 BAM. It’s not my fault we started the journey with that uncle from 11am until 2pm. It was nice for us to check in. Check-in at Villa Park this is after 1.30pm. At Mostar we will just explore Old Bridge at Mostar Old Town. So, there is time to rest. My stomach is full … so let’s look at accommodation for that day.

Cross the road from where we got off the cab, see this view. Neretva river is the correct rate of water flow. If it falls, it will be carried to the next country..isk isk isk. See that beautiful hill ?? There is a cross at the top of the hill. Kind of right in the middle of the hill. Actually Old Town That goes a little further.

Mostar Town… more or less the same Sarajevo cf.

We move on Villa Park. Not far from there, less than 1 minute walk. Coincidentally, our time until then, owner Villa Park There is. He gave us a welcome drink time we wanted to make the payment. Only cash is accepted. Then he took us to the room and explained that this was a little. Because we will check out early tomorrow morning, we just need to leave the key in the post box. The owner is really good.

The shock … that time to rest the body due to hiking earlier … hehehehe. Opppss … cancel first. Why not..there is a surprise outside the balcony.
Without socks and jackets I rushed out to the balcony. Alas, it is very cold. The floor was like ice. The water that flows outside is aduhaiii … angry like I want to bite. The current bed is forgotten … I quickly put on my jacket and socks.
I spend a little time living the beauty of the balcony of this room. Later in the evening when I finish exploring Old Town, sure I do not have the opportunity to serve this view anymore because it is already dark.

Thank you to my sis for choosing this best hotel. The current of the Neretva river produces a beautiful sound … the sound of nature.

Ohhh..feeling really lucky to be able to feel an experience that can’t describe how happy I am.

What would be the best if my backyard had a river like this..hehehe

15 minutes posing like we both … hahaha

For the next entry, I will share the uniqueness Mostar Old Town and Old Bridge. Be patient for the next entry because my time is very limited to write.

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